Christmas 2018 – Moose, Babies, Surprises & FISH


troutTime for your yearly update from the Gurnetts!! We have had a busy, busy, BUSY year – full of moose, babies, surprises and of course – fish! One of our surprises happened on Christmas Day last year with a visit from our son, Bob who had not been home for Christmas in a while. We were so excited to see him – and then grateful that between him and his siblings they talked their father into going to the emergency room for some shoulder pain. Apparently, Pat pays a lot more attention to his children’s fears than mine – and thank goodness he listened! It turns out he was on the verge of a heart attack and had a major blockage which required a stent to be inserted. Disaster was averted thanks to the nagging of his children (which I’m proud to say I taught them everything they know!) – Pat is as healthy as a trout (an old saying from my Granny Hogan)! With that little surprise out of the way, we were able to celebrate Wes’ first birthday right after Christmas – and then fly to Alaska in February (which apparently is not that unusual because the planes were full!) for Walter’s first birthday. We saw lots of Alaska even with the limited daylight and enjoyed spending time with Walter – and a very pregnant Sanaz! So – we didn’t just add one new baby last year – we had two new little guys join our crazy crew – Daniel Quincy Jizba on July 6th and Winston Timothy Gurnett on August 1st! It was a glorious, fun-packed summer – between spending time with Lizzie & Liam – and then adding the two new grandbabies. After being around here for Daniel’s entrance, we flew to Alaska to make sure that Winston made his appearance into the clan. During our trip to Alaska in August, we didn’t see snow (thank goodness) and there was more daylight (again, thank goodness) – but we also got to finally see some moose! Pat did do a little fishing but didn’t catch anything – which wasn’t important to him since he was there to see everyone. In October, we made our annual trip to Gunnison so I could be in my mountains for a while – and again, Pat went fishing with no luck. So, I guess the only fish this year will be my healthy trout, Pat.

Jenny started a new job this year as the counter manager for Chanel at Von Maur. She really enjoys it and she has consistent hours – which helps as Lizzie, age 11 and in sixth grade and Liam, age 9 and in the fourth grade become more involved in school things. Lizzie is still playing the piano and is involved in swing choir – which she has informed me “makes her heart sing” when she is around them. Liam is in Taekwondo and earned his orange belt this year. He competed in his first tournament this year and received 2nd place on form. Both of the kids are still in the church choir – and Liam can hardly wait to join swing choir when he is in 6th grade!

Bob is living in New York City and has been doing some traveling also. He is still doing stand-up comedy by night and computers by day – sounds like a tagline for a superhero of some sorts – it’s Super Funny Computer Geek to the rescue! I’m pretty sure Bob does NOT want that title. He has met a lovely young woman, Maureen and they traveled to Italy together in the spring where Bob learned that some drinking games are probably played better with wine! He is still working on some other books about sports figures which will hopefully hit the market soon – I’m really counting on my Funny Computer Geek to get me my house in Hawaii!

Tim and Sanaz are enjoying Alaska and doing lots of exploring. Sanaz is still working as a registered nurse for a local hospital and Tim started a new job with the Independence Gold Mine and Hatcher Pass State Park. They decided that Walter (and Tim – and Grandpa) needed a new playmate – and so they added Winston to their fun little group. Winston went on his first hike with us when he was one week old – so he is going to join the other outdoorsmen in the family! Walter loves watching Mickey Mouse and running all around the house. Winston spends his time just laughing at everyone around him. Sounds like the perfect pair to keep their mom and dad busy.

Becky is a nurse supervisor at Methodist Hospital and her husband, Peter is head of research and development for Godfather’s Pizza. Wes likes playing basketball, baseball, flying cars and flying animals – anything which requires him to throw stuff! He is getting used to his new baby brother, Daniel who spends his time watching and laughing at everything his older brother does. Wes’ favorite word is ‘no’ which he throws around like he does a basketball. I’m pretty sure he isn’t one hundred percent sure what ‘no’ means since he uses it while he is accepting a cookie. Maybe he wants Daniel to believe that cookies are not any good and Wes is just protecting him.

Pat and I are thankful that our big surprise at Christmas was also a miracle – and we are especially thankful for our children and grandchildren who are the biggest miracles in our lives. We are thankful our children have learned some really good nagging skills from their mother – and we hope they pass these skills on to their children. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that nagging is a bad thing!

May your holidays be full of good surprises, happy miracles and just the right amount of nagging from those who love you! May you find the elusive moose or fish in your life – and may everyone in your family be as healthy as a TROUT!