Why I quit wearing my Fitbit

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com

Some time ago I became part of the craze to wear a Fitbit instead of my everyday watch. I joined the ranks of people who had fancy ones which told their heartrate, their walking speed, monitored their sleep and even gave them little reminders to get off their butts and move around a little bit. I found it a challenge to make that 10,000 step goal every day – and there were times where I paid that price with sore muscles and screaming back muscles.

At first I managed to meet that goal of 10,000 steps but then I started finding other things in my life which were more important than all those stupid steps – like going to the movies with my hubby, enjoying a relaxing evening around a campfire, taking a car ride in the country (in air conditioning) – none of these things made me grimace in pain or have a hard time putting on my socks the next day.

As I slacked off the 10,000 step goal, I started being okay with only getting in 8000, then 6000, then 4000. I didn’t mind that I had forgotten to charge my Fitbit or left it on the counter for the day. In fact, it became a like any other watch for me. Yes – I checked my steps at the end of each day – but that is what led me to quit wearing it.

You see – at the end of the day I would check my Fitbit and the damn thing would tell me I had sat on my behind most of the day! I had not walked the 250 steps an hour and I wasn’t even within spitting range of 10,000 steps a day! It got to the point where I hated to even look at my Fitbit. I started avoiding using it even to tell time – and resorted to looking at my phone or whatever computer I was working on — these items were far less judgmental!

So – why did I quit wearing my Fitbit and go back to a regular watch? Because my watch does make me feel inadequate. My watch doesn’t judge me for not walking around in circles to get my steps in. My watch doesn’t tell me I’m a slug. In fact, the only thing my watch tells me is the time – and that doesn’t make me angry at all.

Why did I quit wearing my Fitbit? Because I got tired of being pissed off at it every night! Yeh – it’s my fault I’m a couch potato – but I’m a happy couch potato and I’m tired of that stupid thing telling me what to do. My watch just looks pretty on my wrist – and I’m perfectly happy with that. And – it doesn’t make me hurt when I put on my socks in the morning!