2021 – A Year of Alaska, Electronics… and FISH


Hard to believe that this past year was even crazier than our COVID year – but being true Gurnetts, we managed to make that happen.  We had a lot going on this year – Alaska, electronics, high school friends – and of course FISH!  We spent some time early in the year in Alaska with Tim and the boys.  It was fun to spend a few weeks with Walter and Winston – and even Tim.  I was able to work from Alaska for a couple of weeks so I could spend some additional time there – which meant getting up at 4 am but getting done by 2 pm – just in time for a nap with the boys!    We had hoped to do some additional traveling this summer but a couple of things got in the way – electronics and COVID.  COVID, I’m sure all of you understand with travel restrictions and masks – and all that fun stuff – but you are asking yourself electronics?  Well, in a way yes – personal electronics.  It turns out that Pat – who is always so eager to move things around, mow lawns (everyone’s!), hustle and bustle everywhere – has an abnormally slow heart rate. I’ve told him before he has the heart rate of a turtle which means he will live to be 200 years old!  Well, the doctors disagreed with me and decided that he needed a pacemaker to keep him on track – and able to mow all those lawns, walk the dog and to basically be our Superman!  He wanted one that looked like Iron Man’s heart – all lit up – and then he would cut his shirts to show off his new attachment – but alas, it was not to be.  So, instead he will just have to tell everyone his story – and he LOVES doing that!  We were able to take a short trip back to Gunnison, Colorado for the Homecoming Game which honored my friends who were lost in an accident 50 years ago.  I was able to see lots of friends I had not seen in a long time, go the Homecoming Parade – and of course, reconnect with other dear friends.  Pat was excited because he was able to go FISHING!  Unfortunately, this year the fish won – and Pat came away empty-handed.  He was okay with that because at least he got to stand in a cold stream, get his feet wet and just enjoy the mountains.  He even tested out his new waders – so I didn’t have to scream at him too much about ruining his shoes!

Jenny has decided to put all of her energy in her business of doing hair and makeup for weddings and photography.  She works with a couple of photographers in town and has been very busy with weddings getting rescheduled.  Liz is now 14 and a freshman at Mercy Catholic High School.  She is loving her new school and new friends.  She is in show choir and working through the requirements of getting her homework done on time!  Liam, 12 years old, is in 7th grade and enjoying not having his big sister at the same school with him.  He is now on a swim team and loves to compete!  Both of the kids are still in taekwondo and working towards that elusive black belt.

Bob and Maureen are still in New York – and decided that they would change up their plans for their wedding a little since COVID put a halt to a lot of stuff.  They were married in October of last year but are going to have a big party next year in New York City.  We are all looking forward to celebrate the occasion with them – and see the sights!  Bob has been doing some on-line comedy and is starting to get back in the clubs.  Maureen is an attorney and is teaching law also.  Hopefully, Bob will stay out of trouble so she doesn’t have to use her lawyer skills with him!

Tim and the boys are still in Alaska and enjoying the outdoor life.  Tim works for Chugach State Parks, as well as the Navy Reserve.  Walter who is four, goes to preschool and still loves his sharks and sea life.  Winston, age 3 just loves to run around – and sometimes torment his older brother!  They both keep Tim very, very busy.  Pat and I are going to spend Christmas with them this year – and that means baking cookies!  Hopefully, Tim will let the boys eat some of them before he eats ALL of them!

Becky, Peter, Wes and Danny are very busy also.  Becky has been at Methodist Hospital for 10 years and Peter started a new job with Farmer’s Dog.  Becky is a Service Executive for Patient Care Administration and has been very busy this last year – she has even been in the newspaper a couple of times!  Peter gets to work from home now and develops formulas for dogfood.  I’m sure he has been tempted to try it out on Wes and Danny to see if they will eat it also!  Wes, who will be 5 right after Christmas is now in dance class and loves it.  He is always willing to show off his dancing ‘moves’.  Danny, age 3 likes to run all over and find out what bounces, rolls and roars in the house. 

Pat and I are enjoying our time with the grandchildren – and look forward to when we will retire and spend even more time with them – but that won’t be for a couple of years!  In the meantime, we will spend our time visiting, taking them out on the boat and showing them how to fish – not actually catch fish – just fish!

May your holidays be full of new adventures, new and old friends, smiling faces and lots of blessings!  Make sure to share your happiness with those around you – and remember it isn’t how many fish you catch – it’s the fact that you spent time fishing with the ones you love!