The Pipedream


Everyone has at least one pipedream – a log cabin in the mountains, a little red convertible, ballooning around the world – those desires which we know we can’t have, won’t ever have – or will take winning the lottery to get.  Pipedreams aren’t bad – in fact, they make for wonderful day dreams and possibly spurs people to accomplish things they never thought possible.  Some pipedreams do come true – because although a person believes it may not be possible, sometimes there are people in their lives who love them enough to make it come true.

My hubby, Pat goes through a little ritual every time he talks about one of his pipedreams – and his grandchildren think it is hysterical!  He takes an imaginary pipe (just like his dream), fills it with imaginary tobacco, lights an imaginary match, lights his imaginary pipe and takes a deep puff on his imaginary pipe – and blows out imaginary smoke.  Now whenever he does this, our grandson Liam has started saying “Grandpa, you can park that pipedream in your pipedream garage right next to your cabin, our playhouse, etc.”  Then he laughs and laughs.  Lucky for him, Grandpa laughs right along with him.  Pat now has a whole imaginary garage full of pipedreams.  These include a log cabin on a river, another log cabin on a lake, getting his 1948 Jeep to be operational again (he says this is not a pipedream, but we all know differently), quitting his job and going fishing every single day – and until recently, his pipedream garage contained a fishing boat.

Pat has talked for years about getting a small fishing boat, just something he could row around a local lake and us for fishing.  His pipedream didn’t even include a motor!  He didn’t even want a big boat which could be used for the whole family!  He just wanted something like he remembered using with his grandfather on the lakes of Minnesota.  Every couple of months he looks through the want ads and I keep my eye out for a boat and make suggestions.  Every boat was either too big, too small, too much money, too old, wouldn’t work – whatever the reason, he just hadn’t found the boat that was in his pipedream.

Luckily, he has children who love him and took the decision out of his hands.  They all went together and found an old 14-foot fiberglass v-bottom boat with oars – and a trailer – right in a price range that was reasonable.  And just to make sure the old man didn’t argue with them – they all pitched in and paid for it!!!  What better way to make a pipedream come true!

Pat now has to take his boat out of the pipedream garage and he is so excited!  He actually cleaned out the REAL garage where he is going to keep the boat!  As some of you know, the garage is full of treasures – old bikes, lawnmowers, lawn hoses, swing sets and at one time an old toilet – none of which actually work!  All of it went to the dump!  Yes – it appears that the way to make him get rid of his treasures is to make a pipedream come true! So, the fishing boat is out of the pipedream garage and in the REAL garage and ready for its maiden voyage – but before that can happen the boat needs a name.  We talked about naming it after his dead friend, Bradley J. (I’m not thrilled about naming it after a friend who quit talking to him at least 10 years before he died) or his dead first girlfriend, Natalie D. (This one is not happening, so not even up for discussion) – but after much discussion and lot of my head shaking ‘no’ – we determined we needed to name the boat what it actually is – The Pipedream – and every time he says it, his face lights up and starts dreaming about the big fish he will catch – which might be another pipedream, but we are keeping that to ourselves.