I Love Junk Mail


JUNK-MAIL_929X367PXI know – it seems a little strange — but I actually love to get junk mail.  I like opening my mailbox and finding it stuffed full of colorful images of smiling people or new furniture or new clothes or even a new car.  I even like the junk mail from credit card companies and insurance companies!  I like the postcards, the letters, the flyers and the catalogues.  I like the quasi-personal notes from people I don’t even know and the invitations to events I will never attend.

I’m sure any normal person would tell you that if they had a choice between a box full of junk mail and one with even one bill in it — they would take the junk mail!  The junk mail is personal without being to familiar.  It doesn’t demand, it doesn’t insult and it sometimes even makes you laugh.

I think I have started to enjoy junk mail more because people don’t send letters or cards to friends any more.  You never receive a card in the mail from a friend just because they were thinking of you.  Birthday wishes are now sent via Facebook or an e-card in your e-mail box.  Letters with pictures of the new grandkids and a recent wedding have been replaced by an e-mail with attachments or an invitation to view the pictures on ShutterFly.

It seems like the only time of year that people revert back to sending cards through the regular mail is at Christmas – which is when I’m at my happiest — I have real mail and lots of catalogues!  Pure heaven!

I miss the days of waiting for a letter from my penpals or a card from my sisters with new pictures.  I miss the days of opening the mailbox and finding a surprise letter from a long-lost friend.   I miss the days when the mail box held more than just advertisements.

I’ll keep reading my junk mail — I don’t mind that it seems like a waste of paper — I can recycle all of it.  I look forward to the seed catalogues in the spring, the outdoor living catalogues in the summer and of course, the Christmas catalogues starting in September!  I look forward to the weekly ads from local merchants and the national chains of restaurants.

I love my junk mail — and am looking forward to tomorrow’s fresh batch!

(This was first published in March 2011 and was Freshly Pressed at that time.  I have so many new readers that I wanted to share it again.)