The Great Flood of 2019


My husband, Pat wrote this poem about our floods here in Nebraska — I wanted to share with everyone.  He calls himself ‘The Bard’ when he writes poems for me – but I still know who he is.

The rain and snow continue to fall
melting snow crept quietly, asleep were we all
The Ice began to buckle, shift, and crack
Water was rushing about to attack
Then suddenly a dike was breached
water sprang forth until the Dam it reached
The Dam held fast but how long could it hold
Ice destroyed the bridges and dykes that were quite old
The sheer volume of water was incredible to behold
It was the great flood of 2019 that was about to unfold.
Many Brave souls fought the onslaught and were swept away
Cattle and pigs died by the thousands that day
Just how many animals perished no one can say
With Property losses in the multimillions or even more
It shook the Great State of Nebraska to its very core
Nebraskans are tough and eager for Farm and Home to restore
And prepare for the forces of Nature to come for them once more.

The Great Flood of 2019
The Bard