He’s gone too far


october-2015-205If you follow my blog, you will remember that I have talked about the multitude of cellphones my husband has killed.  He has drowned them, run them over with a car, left them to freeze to death, crushed them with rocks  – he is a serial killer of cellphones. (The Wrath of Pat – Cell Phones 0, Pat 5)

Well now, I think he has gone too far.  I understand that he hates technology and if he could find a way to live in a cave, cook over a fire – but still watch his favorite TV shows – he would do it – all without the benefit of cellphones.  However, that attitude does not excuse his latest attempt to kill his cellphone.

Today was a beautiful day and we had just ordered a new tree for our backyard.  As usual, Pat could hardly wait to plant the tree.  He put on his work clothes, followed the directions about soaking the tree, digging the hole – and then putting the tree into the ground.  He carefully filled in the dirt, tamped everything down and then stood back to admire his newly planted white pine tree.

That’s when the ringing started.  It became more insistent as Pat searched all of his pockets to find his cellphone – but to no avail.  The ringing continued – and it was coming from the tree!  Not the branches of the tree – but from under the ground!  Yes – Pat had buried his cellphone alive!

To Pat’s credit – he didn’t just walk away as the battery in the cellphone died – he dug it up as it kept ringing incessantly.  I’m not sure why he rescued it.  Maybe he was afraid it was me calling (which it wasn’t) and he didn’t want to explain his latest attempt to kill a cellphone or maybe he thought it was one of his buddies giving him some vital information – or perhaps a grandchild calling to say ‘hi’.  Whatever the reason, the cellphone will live to see another day.