Dysfunctional life goes public

Dysfunctional life goes public

Yes – it is true — I have joined the 21st century and have started a blog.  I have a feeling all frustrated, wannabe writers are blog writers and I only hope that I will not embarrass myself too much.  However, as this may be a way to embarrass my children — I’m all for it!  I was told to write about the things which were meaningful to me — and so I will be writing about my truly dysfunctional family – my children, my sisters and sometimes – even me!  Someone once told me that obviously my true calling in life was to make everyone else feel normal — so what better way to share the joy than on a blog! 

Since there are no truly functional families in the world (hey  – face it – even the Cleavers and the Nelsons were a bit weird!) — I expect to hear from lots of people sharing their stories.  If we are all dysfunctional — then we might just not be crazy!

So, I have now kept my word to Karen Yotis who inspired me to start a blog and I hope I make her proud!


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  1. So here you are just putting our dirty clothes out for the public!

    Oh yea…Mom already did that by putting us on Dog Leashes and chaining us to the Clothes line! (How else are you going to watch five young girls?)

    Have fun Katie….will be fun to read!
    Love you,

    • Our mother was definitely creative! I figure between all of us girls and my crazy children (why wouldn’t they be crazy? I learned my child rearing from my our mother!) — I should make lots of people feel so much more normal!

  2. Hi Katie! I’m so excited to read about your family. Amazing Grace – so true!!! I have the fondest memories of nearly living at your house throughout my childhood. Your family offered me the laughs & fun of having sisters & silliness. Your mom was an amazing woman who welcomed everyone & shared everything she had. I look forward to reading more. Big hugs, Cindy

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