Mr. Frugal (Alias Mr. Cheap-Ass)


Once again I have just had a long ‘discussion’ with my husband about his frugality.  This has been an ongoing argument which has lasted for close to 30 years — he claims to be Mr. Frugal and I’m the spendthrift in the family.  Mr. Frugal claims he spends very little money, takes his lunch to work every day and basically doesn’t buy anything.  Therefore, he is the one saving all of the money in the family and is a very frugal guy — he should be commended.

On the flip side — I am Ms. Spendthrift because I have spent all of the money in the family.  Yes – I admit it – I have a secret stash of jewels, mink coats and sports cars!  I go on extravagant vacations to the Mediterranean and I own a palatial home with an indoor swimming pool.  I have kept this secret from Mr. Frugal for the past 30 years — I’m really good at keeping secrets – and obviously my husband is DELUSIONAL!!! 

In reality — I am the one who takes care of the household bills, pays all of the expenses for the children, buys the groceries (which are part of Mr. Frugal’s lunches) and buys all of Mr. Frugal’s clothes.  So — pretty much all of the checks which have been written over the years have my signature on them — hence, Mr. Frugal gets to claim his crown of the Most Frugal Husband Ever!  Oh yea — don’t forget that when I tell a child ‘no, you can’t have any money, it’s too expensive or we don’t have the money’, Mr. Frugal says ‘yes’ and then I have to write the check!

So based on Mr. Frugal’s logic — as long as your name doesn’t go on the check, you didn’t spend the money — and you are not to be held responsible for how the money is spent!  I think my husband should quit his job and run for President of the United States!


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