Handy Woman


          One of the true joys of being a woman is that we are not hampered by using the proper tools for the job.  If you ever question women’s creativity and resourcefulness, watch one complete repairs on her house!  We don’t need no stinkin’ fancy tools or tool boxes or all of that nonsense – just give us a shoe with a good heel, a pair of tweezers, and a kitchen knife and we can repair just about anything.  Oh yea – don’t forget the clear nail polish – that’s usually handy also.

            Let’s use the example of hanging a picture.  Men need a hammer (actually they usually need two or three of various sizes, depending on which nail they are going to use), a screwdriver (with about a hundred different settings and heads – also should be electric), an assortment of about 100 nails and screws, a level (sometimes the fancy laser kind), a stud finder (I love the name of that one!), a step-ladder, a paint brush, some paint and of course – a tool belt.  The job takes approximately three days to complete – one hour to hang the picture and the rest of the time at the hardware store trying to find the just the right items to hang it with – because even with all of the tools at hand – they just aren’t quite right for the job! 

            Usually what happens while the men are at the hardware store trying to find the latest and greatest electric screwdriver, titanium nail or laser level – the woman of the house has gotten tired of looking at that blank wall and all the junk around it – and has decided to do it herself.  She grabs a kitchen chair, raps on the wall with her knuckle, picks up a nail which looks like it will work, takes off her shoe and hammers the nail into the wall with the heel of her shoe.  Grabs the picture, hangs it on the wall, steps back and eyeballs how level it should be – makes a few of adjustments by tilting the picture – and TADA – the picture is hung.  She now cleans up the mess – puts everything back into the garage and enjoys the quiet time without hubby around the house.

            Here is the dirty little secret – women invent jobs which will require tools – knowing full well that this means the men will disappear to the hardware store and their workbench for hours.  It’s a win-win situation – the men get to drool over new toys – oops, I mean tools and we get to watch a television program all the way through – without switching channels at the boring spots or commercials.


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