A Movie or Song for Every Occasion


One of my husband’s many strange habits is that he tends to talk to me in lines from movies or from various songs.  Whenever he wants to make a point, he will pull a quote from a movie or a song and repeat it as part of a normal conversation. 

Case in point — when I was in labor with my first child, Jennifer – Pat proceeded to tell me that I “was a lean, mean fightin’ machine’ which is the speech Bill Murray gives to John Candy right before he jumps into the mud wrestling ring in the movie Stripes.  Now, the first time he said it to me I had to figure out how to laugh and have a contraction at the same time.  However, by the end of the sixth hour of this quote I was ready to pull his ears off!  Something a very large, pregnant woman in pain does not want — a speech given to a very large, fat man!

Other times, he will slip into Yoda speak.  We will be having a discussion and all of a sudden I will get the “Help you I can.” or better yet — “Wrong I am not”.  The only thing I want to hear is “Sorry I am” — but that one never seems to come out.

His other favorite person to plagiarise would be Alice Cooper and when he thinks I’m being a little unreasonable or over-the-top, he will start singing to me “We’re All Crazy”.  Of course, this only irritates me more and then he works into a rendition of Ted Nugent‘s “Cat Scratch Fever“.  I feel like I’m in a very weird musical — something along the lines of Rocky Horror Picture Show but without the transvestite!

I suppose I should be thankful – at least his quotes are entertaining — it could be a lot worse — he could be quoting rappers and Hannah Montana – and then we would definitely have to have him committed to the asylum!


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