My Sisters


I was sitting here thinking about each of my sisters and as with anyone you love — there are certain instances that come to mind and make you smile –

Eileen — She was always the ditzy one.  We actually used to call her Dingbat.  It’s not that she is dumb — she just should have been born a blonde.  Perfect example — Eileen must have been about 12-13 years old and we were on our way to Alamosa, Colorado (coming from our hometown of Gunnison, Colorado).  It was springtime — which meant there was still snow in Gunnison and a temperature around freezing – but in Alamosa it was probably around 50-60 degrees, sunny and fairly warm.  We had all worn coats as we left home, but had shed them the closer we got to Alamosa.  That is all of us had shed them, except Eileen.  As the temperature climbed and we got warmer and warmer, Eileen still had her coat on.  You could tell she was getting hot — the sweat was beading on her forehead and she was obviously uncomfortable.  Finally, my mom couldn’t stand it any longer – she asked Eileen why didn’t she take her coat off – to which Eileen promptly replied, “I don’t need to take it off – it is an all-weather coat.”

Amy, was our fiery redhead.  She had the temper to match and she loved to pick on Eileen.  I will never forget the time she pulled a dead bird off the grill of our mother’s car and chased Eileen around the dining room table with it!  Eileen screamed and screamed and then Amy started screaming!  Apparently on her way around, she had stubbed her toe and caused herself a lot of pain.  Eileen was so relieved that she could get away from the limping Amy, that she tripped on the chair and fell down laughing.

Michelle was always the quiet one.  I remember Michelle putting on her swimming suit and swimming cap and going swimming in our backyard.  Now swimming is an extremely generous term, as what we had was an inflatable pool which wouldn’t cover an entire person even when completely full!  Michelle, had a step-ladder and was jumping from the top step into the pool!  She wasn’t the only one doing it — she was just the leader of the pack!

Mary Beth was the spoiled baby.  She didn’t learn to talk until she was almost 4 years old because we all waited on her hand and foot.  I remember the first time she tried to make chocolate chip cookies.  She didn’t want any help, so Mom was over visiting a neighbor.  Pretty soon, here comes Mary Beth through the door crying because the cookies weren’t turning our right at all.  Mom calmed her down and asked her how she had measured everything.  “Well,” Mary Beth said, “I put in 3 1/2 cups of flour in the bowl to start.”  Mary Beth proceeded to show her that she had filled the 1/2 cup 3 times and emptied into the bowl.  “Then, I put in a tsp of salt.”  At which point, she grabbed an entire fistful of salt and threw it in the bowl.  Well, needless to say, by the time we figured out how much she had put into the bowl, we had to multiple the recipe by about 6 to make it turn out right.  Cooking was definitely not Mary Beth’s strong point.

I’m sure my sisters could tell stories about me also — but since this is my blog and my stories, I think we will leave out the stories about me sitting on them when they picked on me!


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