Christmas 2004 – Fish, scarves and cards


Wow!  It’s hard to believe that 2004 has come and almost gone!  As usual, the Gurnett clan has had a busy, busy year  – but luckily, since no one in the family is running for a political office, we can keep most of it quiet and out of the press!  Let’s see – where to begin?!?  Well, we had a great vacation in Grand Rapids, Minnesota this year.  The usual fishing contest occurred with lots of fish being caught, very few fish actually being seen and Pat winning both the biggest and most (of which, only a select few were actually witness – the select few, of course, being God, his angels and possibly other fish!).  The women in the family decided to spend our time shopping – and knitting – yes, I said knitting.  We found some of those really cool scarves that everyone is wearing, but we decided that we didn’t like paying $20-40 for those things when we could make them for about $5!  So, after spending approximately $150 on needles, yarn and instruction booklets, we have now knit approximately 15 scarves (still a bargain at $10 per scarf!).  We also spent our time playing cards (Bob taught everyone how to play Hearts, but then was upset when he didn’t win – even worse – he lost to his Grandmother and baby sister!!).  Overall, vacation was a great success – no TV, fictitious fish, arts and crafts, card games – wow – it sounds like we spent vacation in a convalescent home!

Jenny, now 22 years old, is working full-time for Ann Taylor, working on her business degree and looking for another cosmetology job.  Between her job at Ann Taylor’s and her ability to do my hair, I am the best dressed and groomed woman on the block!  Jenny has great taste and the ability to pick out things that not only I can wear, but that she can borrow also!  So, basically, Jenny now has two closets in the house – the one in her room and the one in mine.

Bob, age 20, is attending college part-time and working at Taco Bell full-time.  He is planning on being an English major and possibly teaching.  Now there is a scary thought – Bob teaching a bunch of children how to be a Bob!  I don’t know if the world is ready for that!  Bob is also our e-athlete.  An e-athlete is someone who plays e-sports on the internet.  Bob is on an e-team which plays a game called Counterstrike where they kill e-terrorists!  I just wish he would make some e-money or preferably real money at this venture!

Tim, age 18, had a big year this past year.  In May, Tim graduated from high school, in June, he earned his Eagle Scout rank and in October he joined the Navy.   Tim leaves for boot camp on December 13th.  He will miss Christmas, but I think he will miss his snackie cakes and junk food a lot more!  He is going to train to be in the military police.  I’m just happy he will now be destroying things for the government instead of in my backyard!   He will train at the Great Lakes training facility and then will be stationed in San Antonio, Texas for his military police training – I did ask him to make sure he joined the Navy since for the first year he won’t be stationed anywhere near an ocean!

Becky, age 16 and a junior in high school, is involved in everything!  She is in swing choir, chorus, plays and band – and that’s just the stuff at school.  She is also involved in the church choir, youth group and helps Grandma teach catechism to 6th graders!  She even had enough time to be in the University of Nebraska All-State Choir!  So – with all of that going on – we barely see the child – unless of course, she needs Dad to fix her car or put gas in her car or better yet – have Dad bake something for her friends.  She is definitely growing into her princess persona.

Pat and I are doing fine!  Pat is putzing around, helping Tim with his Jeep.  I’m trying to talk him into remodeling the kitchen – but he isn’t quite seeing the need since food is still coming out of the kitchen – why would we need new cabinets and a floor?  Me – I’m still working on my MBA and hope to have that done next year – I don’t have time for anything else, now that I found my true career (knitting all of those silly scarves!).

All of us hope that your holidays are full of love, warmth, kindness and happiness – and if you don’t have enough warmth – we can teach you how to knit some of those nifty scarves!


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