Christmas 2007 – Chainsaw Clark, Hawaii, Pool & of course, fish


Wow – what a year we have had!  As usual, the Gurnett gang has been very busy – vacations, business trips, children visiting, babies – wait – babies????  Yes – it is true, we have added another little dysfunctional person to our clan!  We now have our first granddaughter – Elizabeth Grace Clark.  So far she loves us and doesn’t realize that we aren’t normal – so life is good!  She definitely has claimed her place in the family – displacing her mother and her aunt as the Queen Bee!  Her uncles have taken to calling her Chainsaw Clark (they started this before she was born because they wanted her to sound tough!) – in response to this nickname, Elizabeth does tend to make a chainsaw noise when she is very upset – so apparently God spoke to her uncles before her birth (I wish He would also tell Bob to clean his room!).  Well – if Elizabeth wasn’t enough fun for one year, we also took the entire family on vacation to Minnesota – including great-grandma and baby!  As usual, when we arrived in Minnesota it was the hottest week of the year and we were in a cabin with NO air conditioning!  Sometimes this global warming stuff is just a pain in the neck!  My son-in-law was taught the joys of fishing with Pat – and they had a great time.  All of us caught some fish (except great-grandma and Elizabeth – they were allowed to relax and not have to worry about getting in and out of boats!).  Next year, Elizabeth will be expected to participate in the fishing contest — and I’m sure she will have her own fishing pole by then.  In addition to our regular vacation, Pat and I spent a few days in the Portland, Oregon area, exploring the countryside.  We visited all of the waterfalls (which look a little like the pictures of Iceland Tim sent to us – must be a volcano thing!), Mt. St. Helen’s (which is still erupting and is an awesome sight after 30 years) and went to the Pacific Ocean.  Pat loved the ocean – and as he was standing on the edge of the surf, the cell phone started ringing.  I rushed to him and took it out of his hands before he could drop it in the ocean – we didn’t need to add another body of water to our list of places where he has destroyed cell phones!

Jenny and her hubby, Mike are enjoying their new addition, Elizabeth.  Poor Mike now has two ‘high maintenance’ girls in his world – however, I do believe the Elizabeth has stolen the throne from her mother.  Elizabeth is a good baby – so they have been very lucky.  However, Jenny is a little upset because Elizabeth is just like her mommy was at that age – she has little to no hair!  What’s a cosmetologist to do?!? 

Bob, age 23 is still working full-time for Best Buy, selling computers.  He enjoys his job and shares the stories of the crazy people who come in looking for computers which they can hide from the police and others who want the Geek Squad to help them with their time machine.  Bob is going to school part-time and hoping to visit his brother in Hawaii this spring.  He did go on a road trip with Tim to Niagara Falls this summer – I’m just happy the two of them didn’t try to go over it in a barrel – or something crazy like that!  Bob has joined a pool league – which is interesting since I didn’t know he could play pool!  I think it might have something to do with pretty girls who play on the other team – not positive – but pretty sure.

Tim, age 21, returned from the Middle East this summer and now is stationed in Hawaii.  He is on the island of Kauai (the Garden Island) and is trying to find some crazy people to go and do some exploring with him.  He is waiting for his Jeep to arrive from Bahrain so he can drive into places on the island he probably isn’t supposed to go.  It was great to have him home for a couple of weeks before he went to Hawaii – and I was very glad he wasn’t home long enough to destroy anything, put arrows through anything or accidentally shoot any of the neighbors’ pets!

Becky, age 19, is a sophomore at Creighton University in the Nursing College.  She is living on campus and is really enjoying her college life.  She also joined a sorority – Pi Beta Phi.  It will probably take her all four years of college to get her father to say that correctly!  We’re hoping she has a better Christmas break than last year – when she dislocated her knee and came down with mono!  Although – we will have to wait and see – she is going skiing at the beginning of break – so pray that she doesn’t come home with a cast on any body parts!  

Pat and I are doing well.  Pat actually flew on an airplane for the first time in almost 10 years – and he did it all by himself!  He even managed to get a shuttle to the hotel where I was staying without getting lost.  My hubby is all grown up now!  I am sooo proud!  We have to ease him into this so he can make the trip to Hawaii next year – I haven’t told him how long that plane ride is yet!

We hope your holidays are happy ones – full of laughter, love and happiness – oh yea – and don’t forget the cookies and eggnog – those are important too – oh – and also the candy, can’t forget the candy – wait – we also have all the Christmas specials and songs – and don’t forget the presents (especially mine!).


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