Christmas 2010 – Goonies, Duluth and – yes – FISH!


It’s been another one of ‘those’ years here at the Gurnetts’ – too much to do in too little time!  We seemed to have covered all of the major events this year – graduation, family reunion, vacation, wedding, moving – everything that causes just enough stress on it’s own to cause a major binge eating event!  Luckily (or unluckily for my waistline!) – they didn’t all happen at once!  Due to all the happenings this year, we didn’t take our usual vacation to Minnesota or Colorado – that’s not saying we didn’t get out of Omaha for a while – we just didn’t get to have the fishing contest (or as some of us have dubbed it – the Lying Contest) and we didn’t get the joy of depriving our children of their cell phones and television for a week.  Some sacrifices had to be made.  We did manage to go to Duluth, Minnesota for a weekend for the Folz Family reunion (Pat’s mom).  We had a great time with all of the relatives and got to see big ships and Lake Superior as a bonus.  Our granddaughter Lizzie LOVES Duluth and is always requesting to go there.  We spent some time on a beach around the lake and Lizzie is convinced that she was at the ocean and she wants to go back!  Periodically, at very odd times, she will just spit out “Grandpa – we really need to go to Duluth.  Can we go now?”  We need to cherish this conversation now – because in a few years Duluth will not be enough to keep Princess Elizabeth happy.  Pat and I also took a trip to Hood River, Oregon to attend our friends’ wedding.  What a wonderful spot – but Pat and I wanted to see so much we never took any time just to breathe and enjoy the view – which of course, means we will need to go back!  We saw Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood and Mt. St Helen’s – not to mention power plants, fish climbing ladders to spawn and the place where The Goonies was filmed (Astoria) – we really know how to party!  I guess we did manage to work fish into our vacation this summer – and they were being counted – but by reputable people – and I actually saw these fish!

Jenny, Mike, Lizzie and Liam moved into our house this summer.  It seemed a better fit for them since they needed more room with the kids.  Mike is a manager for Ace Hardware and Jenny is in her last year of college and should have a business degree by next year.  She is also working part-time at a salon as a stylist and part-time at the YMCA teaching pre-school.  All of this in addition to taking care of Lizzie (3 ½) and Liam (1 ½) doesn’t leave her much spare time.  Lizzie is taking dance, swimming and HI-YA classes (Karate for those of you who don’t speak toddler).  We have had to remind her that she can’t use her HI-YA kicks in dance to make the others get out of her spotlight.  Liam is becoming our little rocker – he likes to sit in the back seat of the car and yell, “I WANT TO ROCK” and “TURN IT UP” – then proceeds to fist pump and do a little dance in his seat – watch out Ted Nugent!

Bob is still working part-time and attending University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) full-time.  He just moved in to a new place where he has the basement apartment.  Bob’s big adventure this summer was having to get rabies shots because he awoke one night with a bat in his room.  Add that to his natural tendency towards being a hypochondriac, his caffeine induced anxiety and all of the information on the internet showing that rabies is a horrible way to die and you have Bob just about catatonic with fear!  Luckily, we did not have to take him out back like Old Yeller – and he survived his horrible ordeal.  Let’s hope this teaches him a lesson about what (or who) he lets in his room at night!

Tim and Sanaz are still living here in Omaha, but are already planning their next big adventure.  In March, they are planning on going to Istanbul (that’s in Turkey for those of you who are geographically challenged) to visit Sanaz’ family.  Sanaz is working two jobs and Tim is working part-time while attending UNO.  He spent all summer in Lake City, Colorado being an intern for the Bureau of Land Management.  He loved being outdoors in the mountains, doing some fishing (again with the stupid fish!) and shooting things.  Yes – now that he is all grown-up, he feels this need to take his rifle and shoot at all kinds of things – including cell phones he has drowned.  As always, I am happy that he is doing what he enjoys and destroying things that aren’t mine.

Becky probably hit the most milestones this summer.  She graduated from Creighton University Nursing School in May, passed her boards to become a registered nurse in June, started her new job at Methodist Hospital (where Pat works) in July – and as if that weren’t enough – she got married to Pete Jizba in October!  We had a wonderful celebration of their marriage and informed Pete that there are no returns.  She did manage to find probably the one man on earth who does all of the cooking in the house.  Pete is going to be attending culinary school in New York next year and will be training to be a chef!  This means that after the first of the year they will be moving to New York – which will make it very difficult for Becky to have her father fix her car all of the time!  Well – since Becky doesn’t have to do any cooking, maybe she could learn how to do car repairs. Somehow I just don’t see this being something that Princess Becky is willing to do – she’s okay with blood on her hands – but motor oil – YUCK!

Pat and I are doing great.  You may have noticed that our address has changed.  We moved to an apartment which meant that Pat had to leave all of the junk in his garage behind – as well as the dog!  Talk about downsizing!  Pat still feels the need to go see his dog (Gatsby has become Liam’s best friend) – and look at his stuff in the garage.  He doesn’t want to get rid of it – just look at it occasionally.  I think he finds comfort in the fact that his junk is still safe and happy.

May you and yours enjoy this holiday season – enjoy the sights, the sounds, the smells of Christmas – and not have to worry about bats in your belfry or junk in your garage!



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