The Binky Fairy


Yes, Virginia, there is a Binky Fairy!  I know – it took me by surprise also.  I’ve told my children lots of tall tales over the years to get them to do things or to stop doing things – but having a Binky Fairy was not one of them.  We’ve all used Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as ways to keep our children in line before the big holidays.  Of course, when they discover the truth, it doesn’t work quite as well.  Plus, in my case, it usually only worked through one Christmas or Easter when the children realized that I (alias Santa/Easter Bunny) couldn’t keep track of everything and obviously had forgotten about some of the bigger infractions — because they still got their stuff!

There were other inventions — The Tooth Fairy who would give them money for their teeth.  In today’s world this is a tad bit creepy — some ‘thing’ is creeping into children’s rooms at night, taking their teeth and leaving money in its place.  Of course, the cost of a tooth has gone up dramatically – I usually got a quarter — my children weren’t happy with less than a dollar!  Then, there was Sandman — again, a little creepy – coming into children’s rooms and sprinkling magic dust in their eyes to induce slumber.

I also invented the Mad Gypsy who would steal their stuff if they didn’t clean up their rooms and the Angry Cop who would arrest them and take them to Boy’s Town if they didn’t mind me.  I have never laid claim to being mother of the year!  I suppose I inherited it from my own mother who used to tell me that she was going to leave me with the Salvation Army if I didn’t behave!  Whatever works!

But, the Binky Fairy is a new one for me.  My granddaughter Lizzie who is 3 1/2 years old, informed me that she had sent an e-mail to the Binky Fairy promising to give up her “binky” – which for those of you without children, is a pacifier.  In return, the Binky Fairy would bring her a Rapunzel dress.  So — apparently the Binky Fairy has internet access and is open to negotiation!  If I had known Lizzie was making this arrangement, I would have told her to try to get a college fund set up in return for her Binky!  In fact, I might just take up a binky just so I can negotiate for a new car in return for my ‘kicking the habit’!


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