STOP! My Cheeks Hurt!


Yes, there are some things in life that make me smile so much that my cheeks start to hurt!  Sometimes, these are the same things which make me bite my tongue so hard that it starts to bleed!  I have found that as I get older, it isn’t the slapstick or the dirty joke that makes me smile — it is any one of the following:

Telling my children “I told you so!”   Sometimes I don’t actually get to say this – but I get to think it and grin a lot!  Of course, there are times it is definitely appropriate to spit the words out — but it isn’t always necessary to do so and still get to have the pleasure of that grin.

Telling my husband “I told you so!”  This is usually even more rewarding than telling my children the same thing – and the grin is always bigger!  Plus — I always say these words out loud — because watching my husband’s reaction only adds to the pleasure!

Embarrassing my children in public.  I think this is only fair since they spent all of their childhood doing the same to me – and giggling uncontrollably about it! 

Watching my husband embarrass my children in public.  Pat has recently discovered the joy of this and it makes me smile for two reasons — okay, maybe three — 1.  My children are embarrassed; 2. Pat embarrassed them and they aren’t mad at me about it; 3. It’s fun to watch Pat have so much fun doing it!

Watching my grandchildren embarrass their mother in public.  Paybacks are hell – enough said!

Watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and singing along.  Actually this works for any musical – and I smile all the more when my husband and children are around to irritate!  It’s not because I’m a bad singer – they just get tired of me singing through the entire show!

Watching all of the animated Christmas specials even when there are no children around!  I think this works when watching any children’s animated movie that you loved in the past.  There is always a catchy tune (and we know how much I LOVE to sing!) and everyone lives happily ever after!

All of these will make me smile and occasionally my cheeks will hurt for a while — but the one thing that will always make me smile until my face aches is ….

When my husband says — “You were right dear.  I should have done it that way to begin with!”  I hardly ever hear my husband utter these words — but I can tell by the grunting and the snarling that he is saying it in his heart – so I will take what I get and walk away with a smile!


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