Where’s my Husband?


It is interesting where and when we find humor in our lives – and it always comes at just the right time — even in the middle of childbirth!  Usually, when a woman is pregnant, all of the horror stories about giving birth come out of the closet.  People you don’t even know feel this need to share the most horrific stories with you – stories that would make Freddie Krueger barf!  To counter these types of stories, I offer the story of my son, Tim’s birth.

Right before I went into labor with Tim, it was found that he had turned himself around into the wrong position and was going to be born feet first. (In hindsight, this was appropriate for Tim since he was born ready to be on the move!).  Due to his position, it was decided that when I went into labor, we would prepare for the fact that this could be an emergency cesarean section – which meant I would be put in a surgery room and Pat, my husband was going to have to put on scrubs in order to be in the room with me. 

The nurses wheeled me into the surgery suite and sent Pat to the choose some scrubs and get changed.  It should be noted that at this time, Pat had gained a lot of sympathy weight with each of our previous two children, as well as a little extra with this pregnancy.  To put it nicely, he was just a little bit round.  As I was being hooked up to the monitors and being checked by the doctor, in walked Pat in his scrubs.

I started laughing so hard, I almost sent myself into another contraction.  Pat was wearing some green scrubs that looked like he had been painted green except for a wide swath around his middle.  He looked like an Easter egg which had been died at both ends, leaving the middle nice and white!  The nurses and anesthesiologist started laughing also – but told Pat that all that skin was not acceptable in the operating room and he would have to go back and find bigger scrubs.

Pat blushed a little (although his tummy stayed white) and went back to accomplish his task.  The doctor said he would wait to induce the birth until Pat got back.  We waited and waited and waited — finally I asked the nurse to go find my errant husband and see what was keeping him.  Since he worked at the hospital in the Medical Records Department, I just figured he was talking to someone he knew and had forgotten what we were there to do!

Within about 5 minutes, the nurse returned with Pat closely behind him.  She said, “It’s a good thing I went to look for him, he was having a little difficulty with the scrubs.”  It turned out that the previous scrubs were so small, that as Pat had tried to take off the shirt, he became stuck in the scrubs with his arms above his head and was unable to get out of his predicament by himself.  He was embarrassed to call for help — but luckily the nurse had found him and rescued him in time to witness his son’s birth.

This made the entire operating room break out in laughter as our imaginations painted this green picture of Pat!  The laughter was the perfect environment for our newborn son — who was born within 15 minutes of his father entering the room – without having to undergo the cesarean!

The moral of the story?  God brings humor into our lives in very strange ways at just the right time!


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