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I realized last night as I was writing – or struggling to write would be more honest – that I was making this a lot harder than it had to be – and a lot less fun.  So, I decided it was time to re-evaluate why I wanted to start blogging in the first place and why I had joined the challenge to post daily. 

I am still a newbie at blogging, having only started a couple of months ago.  So, I still need to learn all of the nuances and I’m intrigued by what people write about, what people don’t write about and how well some people write.  I’ve noticed there are professionals and there are people like me who just feel a need to write.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer – okay maybe not always — first I wanted to be a horse (my friends and I used to pretend we were horses and run all over the playground), then I moved on to being a nun (then I found out that they couldn’t have boyfriends and that just wasn’t going to work for me – even though I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time) and then I settled on being a doctor (an interview I did in high school and which my mother kept, quoted me as saying I wanted to go into medicine because I liked to dissect things!  Not sure that’s a good reason to become a doctor.)  I didn’t make it into medical school, so my goals changed again and now I was simply looking for a way to make money and use my math degree.  Luckily, I found work in the insurance industry (yes, I am one of the ‘evil empire’ as the news agencies would have you believe).  It was during my work in compliance (reading and analyzing laws), that I realized I really liked to write – I even had a knack for it.  I could make people laugh with my articles I wrote for the company paper and soon I was writing short stories about my family.  But where to go from there?  I had no dreams of being a famous writer or being the author of the Great American Novel – OK, I’m lying — I do want to be a syndicated humor columnist like Erma Bombeck – but as my mother used to say ‘Don’t give up your day job just yet.’    Everyone needs to have a dream and that one is mine – along with losing about 80 pounds, looking 30 years younger and winning the lottery – hey, if I’m going to dream, I’m going to make it a doozy!

So, back to the point — why did I start blogging?  Actually, it was a dare from a friend of mine who is a professional blogger.  She challenged me to start a blog and see where it would take me!  Again, with the challenges – can I do nothing on my own without being challenged to do it!  Apparently the answer to that one is NO!  We all challenge ourselves daily — to get up in the morning even though we are tired, to go to work even though we know it will be a tough day, to go home after work even though we know there is a TON of housework to do — life is full of challenges – I just decided to add one more. 

That explains why I started blogging – but it doesn’t explain why I thought I had anything worth blogging about.  I’m not a celebrity, I’m not famous or infamous, I’m not rich and I’m not particularly unique (I have four sisters and four children who are pretty much just like me!)  I think I started blogging as a way to preserve some of the stories I tell about my family — but also to share them with others much as I share them in conversations with others.  I am all about ‘over-sharing’ — most of its public record any way!  And, if other people found my blogs and enjoyed them – that would be the icing on the cake!  So – blogging for me is the electronic version of my babbling, burbling self – something I already do in my everyday life.  It was a way for me to write – which I love to do – and in a way ‘talk’ which I like to do even more!

So the next question becomes why did I accept the challenge to post daily – a challenge not even posed by a friend – but by WordPress!  Again, I apparently have a problem saying NO.  Posting daily seemed simple at first — I have lots of stories to tell about my family (my sisters, my children, my husband) and I enjoy writing.  It seemed like a good way to focus my energy and make sure that I actually followed through with my promise to myself and to my friend, Karen, to making blogging a part of my life.

However, yesterday was a really tough post to write and I realized that I was making this much too hard.  I needed to go back to writing from the heart – because that’s where all my stories started.  My experiences that I treasure are part of me and my stories are an extension of my joy in life – and I can’t write about them if I’m worried about how long the post is going to be, is it going to be funny and will be people enjoy what I say.  I don’t do that when I tell stories for my friends and I shouldn’t do it when I’m writing my blog.

So, here is my Challenge within a Challenge — to be true to my ‘voice’, to perfect my storytelling – not my blogging and not my writing.  One of my gifts is that I am a storyteller who sees love, laughter and joy in everyday life and if I make just one person smile, smirk or think “I guess my life is pretty normal” – then I have used that gift to the best of my abilities and I will be happy.


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  1. Thank you! I too am new to blogging, was just sorta perusing different blogs and happened upon this post. I, like you, feel the need to write.I don’t wanna be a writer but I need to write down. To document. You sort of summed up some of the trouble I have with blogging a lot more. I keep making it harder and harder on myself. So, yeah, thanks!

  2. Katie, you made me smile, smirk and laugh. I love your writing style. I am new to blogging as well and am sharing my new life experiences with my family and friends. A dear friend started me down this path and she just recently commented that she thinks I have found my voice. Now that I have stumbled upon your blot (it was the title that got me) I look forward to future ones. By the way, when I was young I didn’t want to be a horse, but I wanted one so my friend and I pretended our bikes were our steeds and we did indeed believe it.

  3. Good for you, Katie! If this is part of your dream, then you should use your blog to inspire you and find others who nourish that dream for you. I recently started a blog to track my own writing progress and had about the same mid-blog crisis. Is anyone interested in what I’m writing? Do I have to stick to one subject? Should I not post any of my work, cause who’d care?

    If it’s important to you, then it matters. And if your journey is anything like mine, you’re constantly learning on the way. So I give you a big ol’ kudos, and keep on truckin’!

    Nice work on being Freshly Pressed!

  4. Nice post, Katie! I’ve been blogging for about a year now initially as a means of getting over my ‘writers block’. I too get bogged down by making things so much more difficult on myself – thinking too much, if you will. Is this interesting? Would anyone care? I told myself a few days ago that I just need to post what’s on my mind and not worry about whether it’s funny enough or clever enough or cute enough. Thanks for the post. Now I know I’m not alone in my struggles!

  5. Daily posting is possible depending on what you’re posting about. Short life updates and stream of consciousness are definitely workable. Crafting good prose or thoughtful articles is much tougher. Not to mention the editing involved. I like your conversational style here and wish you luck. Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  6. I like the way you said, …”to be true to my ‘voice’, to perfect my storytelling – not my blogging and not my writing.” It makes me think of all the journals I’ve written and how I never thought about writing. I just did it to express myself — and then I fell in love with writing.

    • Everyone’s reasons are different — I firmly believe that I was put here on earth to make other people feel more normal and now I have an electronic format to do so!

  7. If nothing else, writing is cathartic and therapeutic. Your blog (and mine) may never been the next “big thing” but if it makes us happy to write, then why not?

  8. You can blog if you want to, you can leave your fears behind, cause if your blog wont blog, then bloggidy blog blog…

    Wow that really fell apart in the end there. Anyway, keep on blogging. If you like writing, and it makes you happy, that’s reason enough.

    Oh i got it!
    …Cause if your fears wont blog, and when they don’t blog, then you’re no fan of mine!

    I’m gonna go work on that and get back to you…
    Grats on being FP’d

  9. I think we all write because we need to share what is inside. It doesn’t always have to be brilliant (although your stories are wonderful). We don’t all have to be famous or important to have something to share. We write because we need to write. We blog because that is a community we can reach, where we may make connections through our words. The daily post is doing one thing for me, and that is encouraging me to get words on the page. Some of the words are good. Some of them are not. It doesn’t matter. I write because I need to write. If my words reach others, that is just icing on the cake.

    Keep sharing your stories with love and joy. Keep writing!

  10. I feel similar in that my blog is new and I’m still getting into the swing of what to write and what not to, never easy! Telling stories is a great place to start and if you tell the story that you want to and not worry so much about what the world “out there” thinks then you’ll find your true voice. Here’s hoping I can too! 🙂

  11. I’ve been writing online in various places for almost 12 years now and still have the same sabotaging thoughts: Will this offend anyone? (I don’t particularly like sticking my head above the parapet). Is this revealing too much about me? (I’m a very private person and some might say almost paranoid about personal security). Am I saying too much about others who may not want to be included here? (Ditto before, but this time on behalf of my family and friends).

    As a result, I feel I am rarely true to my inner voice and so constantly wonder why I’m writing publicly! It does my heart good to hear that I am not alone and that others have their own version of sabotaging thoughts . Maybe I should join in with your ‘Challenge within a Challenge’ because I do admire those who are able to bravely and honestly write straight from the heart.

  12. Wow, I loved your post! I was reading this and thinking to myself…this sounds like me lol. I was also stunned a little because it’s the first post I read that has the same theme I do. Great job! I loved the reminder to stay true to your voice…this is what I struggle with because the worry/doubt kicks in. Best of luck to you with the daily challenge, I’m doing it too 🙂

  13. We all struggle with inspiration sometimes. At times I feel like there is no new music to inspire me, but then, all of a sudden, there is a flood of inspiration… good luck with your daily post challenge- I like your blog- you are off to a great start!

  14. I try to stay inspired to write by my life experiences. Whether they are good or bad experiences, I make sure to find a lesson in them. Or, I conversations that I’ve had with others. With this way, I am always fresh with ideas.

  15. I think you answer was perfect. Blogging is nothing else than great storytelling. Good luck and many more postings to come!

  16. You’ll find, as a blogger, that suddenly EVERYTHING has potential to be a story. The line at the grocery store, the rush hour traffic, the snow outside your window sill…everything has writing potential, and the best recognize this and put it to good use.

    Good luck with your blog! And kudos on being FP!

  17. Congratulations on being ‘Freshly Pressed’–that’s my favorite part of the feature; finding really cool blogs (like this one) that I might never have seen otherwise!

    On this post–well written, thoughtful, and heartfelt. Thanks for the literary honesty, the good advice, and the chuckles 🙂

    Keep it up, and I’ll keep reading!

  18. I’m pretty new too…just started last July. I decided to try the post a week challenge. I think of things to write about usally while at work. I have started writing things down to keep up with them. It has been a little easier since doing that! Good luck…great post!…Jason

  19. My blog was a personal challenge as well — to explore my inner voice, to develop a personal writing style and to help others cope with similar divorce and co-parenting experiences as my own.

    And I’ve found myself surrounded by more people than I can count who are actively cheering me on — not waiting for me to fail, as I feared.

    My blog has evolved over the past few months, first focused on healing, then becoming somewhat self-focused, as my ex has decided to take me to court to stop the very blog that had developed from this personal challenge. It is rewarding, inspiring, terrifying and comforting to have a voice, to have an audience, to have support and to have others watching each and every step.

    But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Great post, and best of luck on your continued success!

  20. Great post! My birthday is January 19th, and I am turning 19, so I challenged myself to write every day for 19 days about things I learned while growing up! It’s been more of a challenge than I even realized it would be, but I have absolutely loved it so far! Only 2 days left!! – Morgan

  21. Finally a blog I can relate to. I am new as well, really new, like this is the first reply I have ever made. I have though posted twice. I too want to make a post a day but we will see how it goes. And good luck to you as well.

  22. Reading this post was a far better use of my time than cleaning my dorm or studying or something irresponsible like that. It’s cool that you’re being featured as a sort of “voice for the blogging newbies” out there (like myself). What I learned from my last blog is that you can’t force it. Sometimes its just easier to let it sit for awhile…

    Again, great post! Best of luck in the future; I’ll be reading for sure.

    • Pointless to whom? I don’t see any form of entertainment or self-expression as pointless. If only one person finds a single moment of joy from a single sentence within a single post — it is not pointless to that person.

  23. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!!!
    The thing about blogging is that we all start for a reason other than stats….. And then we hit a bit of a high when we realise people are reading us and they are enjoying us. But the pressure is then on…. We end up in a never ending circle.
    So here is to writing what we want, when we want- and who cares about what people think.

  24. I feel ya! I made a committment to always be honest with myself and my readers. Sometimes it’s hard..but knowing I have made the committment to the readers, makes it a lot easier to follow through.

    Oh, and your dream of becoming a writer is always within grasp. I, too, wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until the end of my marriage and a 3 year fight with my emotions, that I began writing for others to see. And like you, I started with a blog. I really helps you to “learn” how to writer for others. It seems once I started this and got on twitter (that is a great thing when your networking btw) that my writing took off. I even have my own website now and write articles, short stories, etc.

    You can def. do it!
    Good luck!

  25. Love it! BTW, I have always wanted to be a mermaid. 😉 I’m still holding out hope that it will come to fruition…

  26. Well, I certainly think you have a knack for writing. I absolutely LOVE your blogging from the heart and blogging just to express the joys of life.
    I think you do it perfectly!
    Congrats on being “freshly pressed”. It is well deserved. I challenge you to enjoy every moment. 🙂

  27. Thoughtful post, Katie. I am new to this blogging thing myself and it does seem strange, at least to me, to put MY personal thoughts about things (especially my weight loss venture, eegads!) across the wide-world web. I tip-toed my first month, but am just now finding my “voice” and content.
    I wish you luck and congratulations on becoming Freshly Pressed.

  28. I try to do once a week. That is a “can do” because if I try do it every day it’s too easy to fail for me. So I try to make it easygoing and fun by giving myself a goal of once a week. Actually it’s just random if something happened at work or some crazy customer happening and a release of stress by writing about it. Good luck on your daily blogs : )

  29. Congrats on FP! I just started my blog about 6 months ago to capture my love of food, cooking and baking. It’s my “happiness project”, something apart from work, kids, chores, and stress-of-life. I get a kick out of meeting people from all over in bloggy land (WordPress). I hope you will continue your quest to blog everyday 🙂

  30. Congrats! I’ve also only been blogging for a few months, and taking the “post a week” challenge. I’m really enjoying it. For me, blogging is my therapy. Best of luck to you. I’ll be sure to check back in soon:)

  31. there is no way i could do a post a day, and i only have 2 kids. good luck to you!! i hope you make it 🙂 i tell a pretty good story, but i am more of an orator than a writer, i am all about the body language LOL..

    • Oh — you just can’t see what my body is doing while I’m typing! That’s why there are italics, quotes, bolding, etc! Just my way of using my ‘hands’ while I’m ‘talking’!

  32. I burst out laughing when I read that you “wanted to be a horse” – that just cracked me up.
    Well done on a great post – I find the “true voice” thing a little hard, especially when I know a lot of the people closest to me are reading – but I try my hardest!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  33. Nice to meet you… virtually. I can relate to what you say about writing. I signed up for the post a day challenge too but I’m barely managing to post once a week so far, so you’re doing a great job!

  34. Wonderful post. I am much newer to blogging (only a few days) but started for similar reasons and have challenged myself to blog everyday as well. Good Luck to us both 🙂

  35. I too am new to blogging and have to go back and think about why I started doing this in the first place. Blogging is such a fun place to be an author! It is a fun challenge to write fun and entertaining real life stories that will hopefully build a following on this site! I can’t wait to get home at night to see how many hits I got that day or to see if anyone commented. (I think on my best day I got 4….) but its still an accomplishment and it excites me every day 🙂

  36. This is just what I needed to hear (read) today. I fell like I’ve recently lost my mojo and could not for the life of me find a creative idea or life experience to relate in my blog. I am SO glad I didn’t accept the wordpress challenge to blog everyday because I would be hating my unproductive self. Your post has given me hope. Thanks for the honesty and keep writing!

  37. “I needed to go back to writing from the heart”
    You got it, and you did it!
    So nice to “meet” you, and good luck with your blogging challenge. Just
    keep at it–sometimes even posts you think are awful and want to toss in the garbage are ones your readers will, to your surprise, relate to (that happened to me the other day with a post in my Don’t Blink Project)
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  38. I just started blogging this year and although I’m not very good at it I try to do it daily. It’s not easy but you made it seem much easier :o) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’ve inspired me to continue!


  39. I appreciate what you are doing and agree with your positive point of view! I have been blogging VERY infrequently for a few years, and it’s so important for me to write and express my thoughts and feelings about my life, that I started blogging daily last month. That lasted about two weeks, and now I am going to try every even numbered day. I am also an admirer of Erma Bombeck!

  40. You and I have some similarities, which I really appreciate. I started a blog this summer because (a) I started taking a writing class and decided if I was going to take a class about writing, should do some writing, and needed an outlet. A blog seemed perfect. (b) I’d always loved to write as a kid, but had dropped it along the way because of other aspirations.

    I’m not a professinal writer, don’t really know what I have to offer anyone other than myself, but had always been told my writing was good (when I was younger) and it was a part of myself I wanted to look back into. I too want to better my writing skills, and having to write something seemed like a reasonable starting point.

    I don’t have fabulous family stories to preserve, but I’ve been told by many people I’m funny, and so had hoped to be able to develop my viewpoint in writing so that the “funny” could be expressed more often, and in a way that captures my thoughts. Very often I just riff on something in a conversation, and then it’s gone.

    Mostly my posts are for me and in some ways are a form of therapy, but I’d very much like it if others would read my blog and comment. Do you want to be a blog buddy? If so, we could regularly read each other’s blogs and give constructive comments. I posted on the blog buddy thing on WordPress, but haven’t connected with anyone there, yet. There were 50,000,000 posters looking for buddies, so I think mine got lost!

    I read the story about your grandfather — great story! Here is a link if you want to cruise by:

  41. You must be a mind reader as well as a storyteller! I picked up a few subscribers to my blog (people I don’t know and are not related to) and I immediately felt pressure to be sparkling and witty so that they wouldn’t be disappointed. Immediately, I became blocked and couldn’t write anything. I have written a book that I am going to self-publish and will have to promote, but I started a blog for the love or writing and sharing stories. Who was that said to thine own self be true? So I too hope to return to why I started.

  42. This is such a wonderful story of daily blogging. I just starting my blog this past week-end, and I am totally lost. I posted my Hello to all, and it got placed under about. I think. I have been messing with everything, and I don’t have a clue about anything. Who is going to read it, and where does it end up, and where do I go from here?

    I write articles for suite 101. Just started that, too.
    So there is a lot of confusion going on in my life right at the moment. I’d really like to join all of you, and read each other’s blogs. What do you say? I will get it together. Really, I will. Thanks for sharing your dilemmas, and experiences.

  43. That’s great. I have always wondered if people would really want to read my thoughts at all. There must be something to build interest in people and to inspire them to read my blogs.

    Somehow, I have just limited myself to monthly blogging, but you’ve got me thinking.

  44. Very interesting. I really enjoyed this blog post. Like you I am new to blogging as well but I am not up to the challenge of posting everyday. As for me most of my writing has been in making my family tree. Again thank you for a wonderful post.

    • Thanks — my family tree is so full of nuts, it would be hard to write about all of them. I suppose I should be thankful that we at least have branches and that it doesn’t go straight up!

  45. I absolutely hear you! Growing up watching Star Trek the personal logs always fascinated me, better than just a diary for sure. Have to admire your perserverance in blogging daily. Does your far flung family read your blog??? But, you are right it only matters that the words get written, they sometimes just need to be written. Great Blog!

  46. I’m a newbie too–I just started my blog the beginning of this month! Well, I “challenged” myself last year to start a blog but it didn’t turn out so well, so I am trying again. I almost signed up for Post-a-day too because I thought Post-a-week wasn’t often enough, but I’ve decided to try out 3 times a week (a happy medium!).

    Here’s a glance of my blog goal:

    Good luck! You can do it!

  47. One of my own main claims is that the typical blogger should not blog in order to reach “external success” (e.g. a gazillion hits per month), but “internal success” (e.g. gaining new insights into the world or becoming a better writer). See also

    By the way, you currently only display five comments per page. This is highly user-unfriendly for those of us who actually like to look at the comments too. Further, it makes it very hard to follow any debate that may have arisen. I would recommend a far higher limit (possibly 50 or 100) or no limit at all.

  48. It take a great deal of time and effort for one to get focused and to the point in their writing. This represents a worthy effort. Keep up the effort, great expectations are ahead in ultimate success. Congrads on making “Freshly Pressed.”

  49. Great post. Especially where you describe your worries about what your posts will be, that put me off starting a blog for so long. I’m now in your camp, as long as i enjoy what i’m bloggina bout i will enjoy keeping a blog up to date and posting on a regular basis. I only started my blog this week. Your post is good inspiration to keep it going. 🙂

  50. Hiya! I have only just started blogging, and like you I have wondered why? I have asked who would be interested in what I have to say. But I do enjoy it. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, so I thank you so much for the enjoyment. Now I am looking forward to reading the rest…well done

  51. Wonderful post. I love the statement at the end about being true to yourself. Since undertaking postaday2011 I’ve found that through my blog i’m learning more about myself and being able to convey thoughts/emotions more honestly. It’s also a release. If you’re having a bad day, you can blog and let off some steam. If you’re having a good day, it will show in your post.

  52. Congrats on doing this so far and for being freshly pressed! I already failed miserably with my daily post aspirations, but then again I usually do (I’m not the biggest optimist).

  53. I am a part of the Post a Week challenge, but like you, I feel blogging should flow. I feel that you shouldn’t blog because you’re being forced to blog, you should blog because you feel like it. You should blog because you want to. And that’s why, though I’m a part of the Post a Week campaign, I still blog only when an idea comes to me.
    Ashley, aka TheEverydayMuser

  54. it hard write all the day. monkey sometime resort tell joke when short on material. sometime make little observation and not struggle say something big. no matter as long as monkey have fun write blog. not have make living write blog so have fun!

  55. I like your post. Really interesting, sometimes we need to go back from the start and make it simple. I have to learn more from you, to keep posting everyday, It is a challenge. You’re a good writer. I’m a newbie too btw, wish I can have lot of readers like you do, just happy to share stories…

  56. Totally agree and feel I too sometimes need to step back and think about what I am writing, You must write about what YOU love and are passionate about and not what you believe people want to read. Honest, raw posts are much better received in my opinion.

    No one is perfect and we all have our crazy ups and downs, horror stories and moments the amaze us..sharing these moments in all their glory, full of emotion and honesty is what makes a good blog great!

    Thanks for sharing…now back to my little world to see what Im doing wrong, or pherhaps, what Im doing right for once! 🙂

  57. this is fantastic! this is inspiration for those of us who are feeling the same way. i know that I (also semi-new to blogging) feel a bit disillusioned by how to post and how to create a ‘cohesive’ blog. but write for you! it will all come together…

    good luck! keep it up!

  58. Good article, I enjoyed reading it. The best part of blogging is the fact if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it. It’s free to read and easy to leave. Do it for yourself and others will enjoy it! Good Job!

  59. I too took the post a day challenge, and it threw me for a while. I’ve since abandoned the effort and just went back to having fun with my blog. On a side note; You reminded me that I once wanted to be a Priest and went as far as attending a Seminary Prep School. The dream ended a few weeks into my first year, when I asked when the school dances would be held. My Dean’s response was, “Who are you going to dance’s an all boys school?”

  60. I really like our last paragraph. I also consider myself as an ordinary person, who might think and hope that my blog post(s) can ‘touched’ someone’s heart, coz I also try to write from my heart (though I ended up to write from my brain :p)
    I take the challenge to blog once a week. That is I can manage. I guess. It’s a daily journal of what happen with me at school where I teach, the projects we’re doing in the classroom etc. Would like to write and share about that. But since English is not my mother tongue, so I try to simplify it and finally write it from my brain :p
    btw, good luck on your daily blogs, and congrats for being on freshly pressed : )

    • Jackie — interestingly enough – I didn’t have any comments either until I was Freshly Pressed and then POW – all of these people read my blog and made comments — it has been very inspirational & helped me to continue blogging! So — just keep on truckin’ (I love to use cliches!) and it will happen!

  61. Brilliant! Thank you. Keep on writing from the heart. Good job you didn’t become a horse. I think there’s another vocation in you and you’re already practising it. Have a great year. 🙂

  62. Love the storyteller goal. Nicely put.

    My blogging has been tremendously therapeutic while dealing with some health issues and trying to raise 2 young kids. I’m sure I’m guilty of over-sharing, but it sure makes me feel better!

  63. Great post! Like you, I am new to blogging, very new. My New Years Resolution was for a Post a Week. Like you, I learned that I like writing through my work at an Insurance company (in compliance, no less!) Like you, I think I make it harder on myself than it needs to be. I am trying to learn to be more free in my writing, less stiff, so it sounds less like an insurance policy, and more like a story someone might actually want to read!
    Good luck with your blog! You’ve inspired me.

  64. I was LOLing on your post. Really. Hmmm. I’ve been wanting to be a Scientist, Doctor, Counselor, Singer, Nurse et alii for the past 20 years. But I still find my way back in writing. There’s just something about Blogging that I find.. therapeutic. It’s also difficult to write EVERYDAY thought. But you did it! Look at my blog, I have a 365 Day Category, but haven’t been able to write EVERYDAY — I mean I broke the 365 stuff. Still, I write to continue, although it’s NOT a daily thing anymore. IDK, since English is my 2nd language (Tagalog is my Primary), pushing myself seems pretty great. Love getting to know a lot of words, grammatical rules, expressions, forms of speech, etc. Patience, Persistence and Discipline will paddle you further in life. One day, I’ll be the best writer in my own world! Thank You very much! ^^ *CHEERS!*

  65. First day of being a blogger for me.
    I know how the pain to post daily feels though…

    Hopefully I’ll keep it up and see where it takes me 😉

    Peace out!

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