He’ll Grow Into Them


The very first day we brought our son, Bob home from the hospital, we noticed that he was different from his older sister, Jenny.  Jenny was a child who slept 10 hours a night, quietly and never made a sound.  Bob, on the other hand, snored liked a 95-year-old man — and you could hear him even when the door was closed to his bedroom!  He tossed and turned a lot at night and we thought it was because he basically snored himself awake!

As Bob got older, his snoring only got worse – and when he was about two years old, he developed a nasty habit of fainting whenever someone scared him or he scared himself.  If he got startled during a game with his sister, he would pass out.  If the dog barked at an inopportune time – he passed out.  If he got really mad because his toy was taken – he passed out.  Needless to say, we high-tailed it to the doctor to find out what was wrong with the little guy.

Our doctor said that he was small for his age – probably the runt of the litter (I just love men who compare having babies to having a litter of puppies — you never hear a woman say that!).  Other than that he was a healthy little boy who just startled easily and he would grow out the fainting spells.  I was very concerned that the fainting could be causing brain damage of some type — particularly mine because I was so frightened by it every time!  He assured me that everything was fine and to bring him back in a year (yes, a year) if the fainting continued.  And the snoring?  Well, he did have very big tonsils – but he would grow into those and everything would be fine.

This went on for another year – during which Jenny took great delight in trying to make Bob pass out whenever I was out of sight.  Bob would be eating his peas in his high chair – happily feeding the dogs (see Where’s Your Dog?) and Jenny would walk up to him, bang her fist on the tray, which would invoke an intake of breath from Bob followed by him passing out.  He would wake up happy and giggling — which of course, for Jenny meant — do it again, do it again!  My brain cells were dying by the thousands every time she did this — it could not go on!

Back to the doctor we went – who indicated that Bob did have exceptionally large tonsils and a restricted air space, which could be causing the snoring – and oh yea – it might cause him to faint occasionally.  Don’t worry – he will grow into them and everything will be fine.

When Bob was four, he wasn’t fainting as often, but he was so thin we had to tie his pants on with a rope.  Since he was the ‘runt of the litter’, he just seemed to be destined to be the skinny one in the family.  Bob was our skinny little boy who snored so loud that it would wake up the neighbor’s dog and who provided great entertainment for his older sister (who was still ticked off that Bob had not gone back to the hospital after he was born – talk about holding a grudge!).

Finally, in first grade after a speech test – our doctor conceded that Bob would have to be Paul Bunyan to grow into his tonsils – so we might want to consider having them taken out.  Although the doctor was correct in that the fainting spells had quit occurring so often — we attributed this to the fact that Jenny was occupied with her friends at school and had moved on to better toys than her brother Bob.

So, after five years of thinking I was sleeping in a nursing home – and having many brain cells destroyed by worry over the fainting — Bob had his tonsils out – along with two teeth which came out during the surgery.  The Tooth Fairy left him an extra-large amount for the teeth and the tonsils!  The first night he was home, I didn’t sleep at all because it was QUIET!!!  Scared the heck right out of me – I always knew he was breathing by his snoring pattern – and now I had nothing!

The other side effect of losing his tonsils was that Bob started to grow — yes — GROW!  He gained about 20 pounds and 2 inches in the first six months after the surgery!  So, our poor skinny little guy was no longer the runt – and he definitely wasn’t going to let his sister torment him any longer — surprise for Jenny!


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  1. My son had to have his tonsils and adnoids taken out. He became much healthier after they came out. He was really mad at us though when he first came home. His throat hurt really bad.

  2. Another great tale Katie. I do so enjoy reading your articles. Just wish mine were as interesting and then maybe people would read them

  3. greawt post. its a shame the doctors gave you this line of essentially doing nothing about it and seeing how bad, or better it would get. Glad its all much better now though.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this story. I thought you did a great job, and didn’t find anything that was awkward in your writing. I gave you a five star. I really don’t know what that is about. I haven’t read anything about giving stars as yet. Could you enlighten me?

    • I’m not sure I will leave on the ratings. It’s just another way to get feedback and see how people like your posts. I saw it on another blog and thought I would try them. Thanks for reading and enjoying my posts!

  5. I’ve never heard of overlarge tonsils! I felt sure during your story that when the fainting started the doctor(s) would make the connection. Oh well, doctors aren’t Gods, you found that out. But as a singer, breathing past extra-large tonsils would create all sorts of problems, and I immediately “got” that his fainting was connected to the tonsil size, as well as his snoring, of course.

    Can’t believe the poor little thing slept at all well as a child! Was he chronically tired? Because sleep apnea can be a big problem for adults, and I would think he had some form of sleep apnea due to the snoring. Did you ever hear that mentioned? Just curious.

    Loved this story. Have gone back and read quite a few of your family stories and they are really funny. You should think about compiling a book. They’re very relatable.

  6. everytime a doctor looked in my daughter’s mouth they would say “oh, big tonsils!!” yeah i know… when she was 7, it became an issue because in 6 months she had 5 tonsil infections, she snored, and her tonsils were still big. they don’t like to take tonsils out as much any more, but for any one of those things they would have taken hers.. so they did, last year at the beginning of summer break. she was pretty mad when she woke up, and after we got home.. it lasted about a week, she got over it and now she doens’t get sick nearly as often. mommy’s happier too..

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