Random Discombobulated Thoughts about Nincompoops


Carrying a small nincompoop

I love that word ‘discombobulated’ – I learned it around the same time I learned the word ‘nincompoop’ – I’m not sure where I learned these words — probably reading since I was an avid reader — but I do remember that in sixth grade I took great delight in calling everyone on the playground a nincompoop at least once — some of them deserved to be called it more than that and I gladly accommodated their desires.  This was in the days before children learned every foul word known to mule drivers by the age of 6!  No — I wasn’t born in the 18th century — just in the 1950’s and censors did their jobs extremely well!

I was sitting here tonight and trying to focus on writing but it just isn’t happening tonight — too much snow, too much football or too much cheesecake — can’t decide what is the culprit — only that the words just don’t seem to be flowing as freely tonight.  So I thought — well, I might as well just write down some random discombobulated thoughts — and see where it leads me — much like a character in a Douglas Adams novel (A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and other odd books)  – I think it was Dirk Gentley who never asked for directions and figured he as long as he made enough random turns, he would eventually find his destination — which probably is much like life – or at least my life – random and discombobulated – and full of nincompoops.

It really isn’t bad to be a nincompoop — they provide so much entertainment to the individuals around them – and I’m pretty sure that I have been a nincompoop at least a couple of times in my life (I’m too discombobulated to remember when those events occurred and they were probably random acts anyway – so they won’t happen again – maybe!). My husband has been a nincompoop many times — what husband hasn’t!  Sometimes it’s about things as stupid as saving junk we don’t need and won’t ever need — like the election signs for a woman who ran for mayor over 20 years ago and has been dead for at least 5 years AND is from the opposite political party of my husband!  He was just helping a friend and they had lots of signs left over — this was in the days when they used wooden stakes to drive the signs into the ground — so Pat (my husband, the nincompoop) didn’t want to get rid of the signs because he might be able to use the wood someday!  I don’t know if he was expecting a new career as a vampire hunter or if he thought he could build a small doghouse with the pieces some day — nether of which ever happened.

Our children are often nincompoops and discombobulated all at the same time — it’s the nature of being a child.  They have so much fun doing it and we love laughing at them while are in the midst of this madness.  You have to be careful though because as soon as they become teenagers – a time when they are the MOST discombobulated nincompoops in the universe – they seem to take great offense at you making fun of them — especially when they ask to do something extremely stupid and follow it up by the statement — ‘but everyone else is doing it!’ — my children became incensed when I would ask them to name three people – and of course, they never could.  If you follow this up with ‘if everyone ran off a cliff, would you too?’ – and it will drive them into a state of discombobulation that they probably won’t speak to you for at least a couple of hours — which sometimes is a good thing!

I could go on like this for hours – rambling and finding different ways to use the words ‘discombobulated’ and ‘nincompoop’ because the world is full of examples — which I, for one, am extremely thankful — otherwise, life would be really boring, joyless and without laughter — and then what would I write about!


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  1. I’d forgotten all about the nincompoop word! I wasn’t allowed to say it as a child because it had that really bad word in it: poop. Where I grew up in the 70s a child saying poop would get one a good licking. It seems I would be allowed to say it in modern days so thanks for the post!

  2. I love both of those words! They’re funny. And I loved how you used them over and over in this entry. Silly words like that lighten the impact of what you’re saying, don’t you think? Calling someone a nincompoop is like calling them an idiot (I think), only funny.

    I LOVED the idea of driving teenagers into a state of discombobulation so that they won’t speak to you for hours — too, too funny!

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