It’s been one of those gloomy days — blizzards, ice, snow, unplowed roads — where is that darn global warming when you need it???  At this point, I would even settle for a really good hot flash to at least warm up my toes — those are never around when you need them either!!

The one thing that can warm up anyone – especially from within – is joy — pure, child-like joy.  Just ask Frosty the Snowman and the Grinch — joy is what makes life worth living and what makes days like today worth sloshing through.  I could write about joy — but I decided that the best way to share joy is to show joy – so here are the pictures which I feel are better than a cup of hot chocolate, an electric blanket – and yes, even better than those menopausal hot flashes which are some darn inconsistent (and inconsiderate!).  So relax and enJOY! 

EnJOY me!


Wonder Joy!


EnJoy each other & a good story!

Remember – there is nothing in life that a smile can not make better – and we need to find the JOY in our lives that makes everything we do worth doing.

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