I’ve been a horse, a nun, a doctor, a detective, a priest, an angel….

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In an earlier post (The Challenge of a Daily Post), I mentioned that at one point in my life I had wanted to be a horse or a nun or a doctor – but instead I ended up in a profession where I use my mathematical logic to analyze laws and regulations.  As I was enjoying my latest adventure, I realized that I had achieved those dreams!  You are wondering how could I have possibly been a horse, a nun or a doctor (or possibly all three at the same time???) — actually, it’s even better than that — I have been to wild and exotic places also — some even on different planets.  No — I have not stopped taking my medication or even started taking some nifty new drugs!  I have done all of this through the power of READING — yes – you know that thing like a post — but with LOTS of pages and a story line. 

I learned to read when I was about 5 years old because I spent approximately 3 months in the  hospital with rheumatic fever – so my mother introduced me to a world of new friends and places to keep me occupied.  So, I have been…

… a horse – Black Beauty allowed be to a horse and feel the wind in my face as I raced across the fields.  I was free and fast!

… a small donkey — in Brighty of the Grand Canyon.  Loved this book about a little donkey whose job was to take people to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

… a nun – or even a Saint – mainly St. Theresa (the Little Flower) and also Mother Theresa — oh and there was St. Bernadette and so many more stories about saintly women who taught me courage and love of others.

… a doctor – Women Doctors of the Old West was a great book which showed me the trials that women endured to help people.

… a detective and a priest – Blackie Ryan in Andrew Greeley‘s books enabled me to not only be a priest and understand the faith of such men — but also a detective and solve crimes — great fun!

… and yes, an angel!  Again Andrew Greeley wrote a wonderful story about angels who were involved in people’s lives.

I’ve also visited so many places — The Grand Canyon, Rome, New York, Ireland just to name a few here on Earth.  Then you have to add the other worlds — Isaac Asimov‘s parallel universe, the planet of Pern (which has Dragons!!!), Narnia and of course, Alice’s Wonderland.

I spent many hours with my friends and I don’t regret a single moment of it.  I now have friends I can visit any time and at any age.  I have come to love every one of them and hate to come to the last page of our adventures — but I know that when I want to see them again, I only have to open the door and start our adventures all over again – and become a horse, a nun, a doctor, a detective, a priest or even an angel!


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  1. I love to read. I usually have at least one book going, and sometimes two or three, depending on my mood. I get so engrossed in a good book that I feel I’m there, as well.

    I loved “Black Beauty” as a kid, although it made me cry. Have not read “Brighty of the Grand Canyon” and think I will try to find it. I love books about animals. I read “Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat . . .” and loved it. I also read “Wesley the Owl . . .”. It’s about an owl that became a pet, and it’s fascinating.

    Just finished reading Laurence Leamer’s books on the Kennedys. “The Kennedy Men” and “The Kennedy Women”. There are 2 volumes on the Kennedy men but I have only gotten through the first one. They are pretty long books. Sure revised my ideas about that family.

    I can see in your stories your love of words and stories — I think I would have assumed from reading your posts you are well-read. Keep on posting! I still think you should compile your family stories into a book, they’re that good.

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