The Great Adventures of Tim – Iceland


Tim in Iceland

Our son Tim joined the Navy right out of high school and it was the best thing he ever did for himself.  He wanted to travel, explore and see the world — as well as earn money for college.  I wanted him to travel, explore and see the world, earn money for college — and quit destroying things at my house — so the Navy allowed him to do that – and get paid for it!  After he finished his initial training to become a Master at Arms (which is basically military police), his first post was at the Navy base in Iceland.    The base was closed at the end of his first year (not due to anything Tim did, thank goodness) – and he hated to leave but while he was there he regaled us with tales of his adventures and the friendships he forged.  I’m sure that we only heard the G-rated version (maybe PG – but definitely not the R or X rated version) of his tour of duty – and I really don’t want to know anything other than that.

Icelandic Horses

While he was there, he learned about puffins (cute little dumb birds), rancid shark meat (a delicacy which Icelanders like to eat), lambdogs (just what it sounds like – hotdogs made with lamb), and Icelandic horses (to quote one of the natives – “They are NOT ponies, you stupid American!).   He learned that Iceland is not that cold but it is very windy – they have wind advisories which basically tell people that if you weigh under a certain amount, don’t go outside — would not be a problem for me — I could probably rent myself out as ballast!  He also learned that Iceland does have poison ivy which he managed to contract for the fourth time!


Sunset in Iceland

I’m very proud of Tim and I love the pictures he took of his time there — I hope we can visit it sometime with him and he can show us all of the sights – although I think I’ll pass on the rancid shark meat and lambdogs – I’m just not quite as adventuresome as Tim!

(All pictures were taken by Tim Gurnett)

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  1. I heard (who knows where) that Iceland was named Iceland because it’s so beautiful the natives didn’t want people to know about it, and named it something they thought would keep people away. And Greenland was named something pleasant because it’s a godforsaken place no one would visit otherwise.

    Did your son hear this? I’d love to know. Or did the natives just say, “No dummy, that’s a stupid rumor!” Not too polite, those Icelanders!

    • Tim never mentioned this legend. However, he did say that it was true that Iceland had the tallest, most beautiful women in the world (other than his wife, of course!)

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