Tinsels All Gone


My granddaughter, Lizzie had her tonsils taken out this week (or as Lizzie calls them ‘her tinsels’) because she wasn’t growing into them — much like her Uncle Bob (see He’ll Grow Into Them).  Lizzie, who is almost four years old, was all prepared for the surgery.  She met the doctor and knew his name.  She knew that the IV was going to be giving her a drink of water because her throat would hurt.  She knew it was going to hurt ‘just a little bit’ and she knew they were going to give her some ‘happy medicine’ which would make her sleep through the operation.  But the most important thing she knew was that she was going to get all of the ice cream, pudding and popsicles she wanted! 

Lizzie caught on very quickly that this was going to be a momentous day  – Mom and Dad were buying her new PJ’s (with her favorite character Rapunzel on the front) and new toys (again, a Rapunzel doll).  Both of her parents were on the verge of a nervous breakdown – and at one point I thought they were going to have to give each of them some ‘happy medicine’ to calm them down!  Lizzie told them everything was going to be just fine — not to worry.

The surgery went fine and Lizzie seemed to have handled everything just fine.  When I visited her after the operation, she was talking and eating her third serving of ice cream.  She was surrounded by piles of presents and balloons, but she was much more interested in her ice cream.  She was able to talk and told me all about her IV which was in her hand.  The plan was she would be discharged the next morning — everything was good.

However, in the middle of the night, Lizzie spiked a fever and because of her previous sleep apnea, she had low blood oxygen, so she had to stay an extra day in the hospital.  I don’t think she remembers most of that day because she was sleeping.  We were all a little worried, but the next morning when I called, I knew that she was just fine because I could hear her in the background telling her mother, in no uncertain terms, “I wanted pancakes!  I don’t want oatmeal – I want pancakes!”  She was discharged a little while later.

Her first day home was uneventful and she spent the evening with me — where she pretended she was leading a band with her new light-up baton.  She spent time irritating her brother and then fell sound asleep.  I had to check on her to make sure she was breathing because it was the first time I had not heard snoring when she was sleeping!    The next day she spent the morning with her great-grandmother, whom is completely worn out!  Great-grandma had to chase her up and down stairs, keep her from feeding her fish to death and also carry on a non-stop dialogue the entire time.  Obviously, having her ‘tinsels’ out did not impair Lizzie’s ability to be a burbler – just like her mom, grandma and great-grandma!

Although I’m not a doctor – I would have to say that Lizzie is pretty much recovered.  She is back to talking non-stop, making her brother cry and telling all of her loyal subjects what to do.  Grandpa has orders to get ice cream tomorrow after Mass – so in accordance to the Princess’ orders, we will go to our favorite ice cream place and have a lime slushie, twist ice cream cone and possibly a Fremont Shake (awesome invention of the Sweete Shoppe in Fremont, NE — a milk shake of any flavor with an ice cream sundae of any flavor dropped into the middle, topped with whipped cream!) — oh, and we’ll get something for Lizzie too!


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