Cinderella does exist


Princess Lizzie wanting to dance with Prince Charming and Cinderella

As far as Lizzie (my granddaughter) is concerned there are real princesses.  She has proof — not only is she a princess – she has a crown to prove it and  minions (her father, her brother and her grandfather to name just a few) but she has seen Aunt Becky transformed into Cinderella!  For a long time, she thought she was the only princess – that is until she was the ‘girl-flower’ at her Aunt Becky’s wedding!  It was there that she saw Cinderella for real!  There was no doubt in her mind — there was the beautiful girl in the big beautiful dress – and everyone was living happily ever after.

We did have a minor melt-down during the happy couple’s first dance because Lizzie felt that she should be a part of this happy moment and she just wanted to be right next to Cinderella.  She did manage to stay close to her favorite princess during the cutting of the cake – and stuck pretty close to her through the majority of the night. 

Helping the happy couple cut the cake

We always say that little girls dream of their wedding day from the time they are young — but we all know that what they really want is to be not just A princess — but THE princess for the evening – and if you can’t be THE princess, then you can at least be the ‘girl-flower’ who gets to be right next to Cinderella during the most important day of her life.


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