Star Struck in Austin

My friend Sue, Mrs. Ted Nugent & TED NUGENT

Yes, I admit it — sometimes I get a little crazy when I see someone who is famous – and usually I am very surprised by how nice the celebrity is!  Such was the case with Mr. Ted Nugent and his family.

I should admit that I am not a huge fan of the Motor City Madman — I’m more of a Neil Diamond fan — but my husband is a HUGE fan!  So, of course I had to meet him when I saw him eating dinner with his family at a local restaurant in Austin, Texas.  I was with a large group of people – and I was the one who recognized him — which really surprised the guys in the group!  How could a woman know who Ted Nugent was?  Well, I hated to tell them this — but I actually know the words to Cat Scratch Fever – not because I love the song but because my husband played it over and over and over again.  My daughter Jenny could sing or hum three songs when she was little — Beethoven’s Pastoral (Fantasia was her FAVORITE movie), We’re All Crazy – Alice Cooper and Cat Scratch Fever.  You will notice that the only one missing in there is my favorite singer Neil Diamond!  Obviously her early music education is what led her to marry a guy who is a lead singer in a band!
Anyway — back to Ted.  As the Nugent family (his wife and two children) were finishing their dessert, I approached his table and prepared to be brushed off rudely — I was SOOOO wrong.  He was one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met – and I’ve met a few – some of which most of you are too young to remember — Harry Morgan and Dean Jones are a couple — my hometown of Gunnison, Colorado was a favorite spot to film Disney movies (Snowball Express).
I explained to Ted Nugent that my husband was a great fan of his for both his music and his patriotism — and Mr. Nugent was more than happy to give me an autograph for Pat (even though he wasn’t there) – and have his picture taken with just about everyone in the group.  My one regret is that I didn’t get my picture taken with him — I was so ecstatic about the autograph and actually meeting him, that I didn’t stand still long enough for a photo!
Yes, I was star-struck — not just from meeting a celebrity — but also for being treated with respect and kindness by someone whose family time was being interrupted by a complete stranger.  In addition to being the Motor-City Madman, Ted Nugent is a gentleman.  

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