The Great Escape


The Schemers

My grandson, Liam who is almost two years old is finally too big for his crib.  How do we know this?  Because he has climbed out of it a couple of times and landed face-first on the carpet.  Luckily, he still bounces pretty good – so no harm was done.  Luckily for this mother he is still unable to climb out of his playpen, so when necessary, she is still able to cage him while she goes to the bathroom or has to run downstairs to put some laundry in the washer.  This may seem unnecessary, but as with all small inquisitive children — it only takes two seconds to create havoc.  In the time it takes Jenny to go to bathroom (gone approximately 2 minutes), Liam can usually drag everything off the kitchen table, feed the dog an entire loaf of bread, empty the cupboard of every bowl and do something to the TV remote control which renders it useless.  So – it is important that there is a place to keep Liam out of trouble when nature calls or the laundry must be done!

Liam’s sister is not quite old enough to keep Liam out of trouble during these short time spans — in fact, she tends to make matters worse and add to the calamity.  It is interesting because although Lizzie is quite verbal, Liam is just learning how to talk in a language which is understandable – and yet, the two of the communicate with each other quite well and seem to know exactly how to work together to achieve the ultimate mayhem!  This became very apparent a couple of days ago when Liam was put into the playpen for his own safety and the safety of the house while Jenny went downstairs to put a load of laundry in the washer and dryer.

As Jenny came back up the stairs she witnessed Lizzie handing her brother a blanket and thought that it was extremely kind of Lizzie to be looking after her brother.  Her mind changed as she watched Liam take hold of one end of the blanket and Lizzie kept a grip on the other end.  Lizzie proceeded to back up while holding on – as did Liam.  Lizzie pulled and pulled until the playpen tipped over and allowed Liam to escape!  The two of them started giggling hysterically and ran down the hallway to see what mischief they could get into. 

Their mother did know whether to be laugh because it was funny, to be proud because they had been ingenuous enough to devise such a plan – without even ‘talking’ to each other, to be happy that Lizzie wanted her brother to be free, to be angry that the little stinkers had managed to thwart her attempts to keep them out of trouble or to be fearful because the two of them could obviously thwart any attempts to made at keeping them contained and out of trouble!

Jenny, their mother, decided that she would laugh about their ingenuity and made a vow to herself not to leave the two of them alone ever again when she had to do something that would take her out of the room for longer than two seconds.  If they could accomplish an escape from the playpen, what was next?  Breaking into the car and taking a joyride?  She doesn’t want to take that risk.


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  1. You can’t help but laugh at the genius of children. Maybe putting both of them in a high chair might solve the problem but I doubt it. If they can figure out how to do that then a high chair is easy-peasy.
    Children’s language is a miracle, that they can communicate without actual words but by their mumblings.Trouble is that once they start to talk they never shut up!
    Another piece of good entertaining writing Katie, thank you and have a great day whatever you are doing

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