Nurse Becky


Nurse Becky

While Becky (my youngest daughter) was studying to become a registered nurse, she decided to spend a few weeks one summer at a clinic in the Dominican Republic (DR).  Not only was this an eye-opening experience for her, but because she shared so many wonderful stories and pictures with the rest of us, we were equally as moved.  Creighton University sends medical professionals to the DR  to help the poorest individuals on the island.  Becky was in the DR the year before the earthquake in Haiti (which is on the other side of the island).  I am impressed by and proud of Becky for not only going on a mission to help these people, but also for having the initiative to go some place so totally different from her life at home.   She helped so many people – both in the DR and here at home.  She worked with the poor there and grew to love the people – and because she shared her stories with all of us, we not only became more appreciative of the things we have, but we became more aware of our responsibilities to help those in need.  These are just a few of the pictures Becky shared with us from her adventure.

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