What about the girls?

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When I first started thinking about writing a blog, I thought I would write mostly about my sisters and our mom – and I have done some of those – but mostly I’ve been writing about my own children and my grandchildren.   My sisters are probably VERY relieved – much to the my children’s despair (my grandchildren are too young to care!).   

I thought tonight I would try to write some stories about my sisters – just to put them on notice – but as I sat here, I realized that the ramifications might not be worth it.  My children are fair game as far as I am concerned — it’s just payback for all of the times they embarrassed me in the grocery store by throwing a GIGANTIC temper tantrum in the middle of aisle 3 (and aisle 4 and aisle 5 and aisle 6…).  Plus, any stories I tell about my sisters could be immediately followed up with stories about me that I may not want shared.

I could write about the time Eileen … no, that wouldn’t be wise – I don’t want to start feeling sharp jabs of pain because she is sticking pins in a voodoo replica of me.

Then there was the time that Amy … I don’t think that one is probably a story that should be shared — could cause irreparable brain damage — to me!

I guess I could talk about when Michelle … I better not write that one down — could be bad luck — again for me!

Well, when all else fails I have the one about Mary Beth and her …. nope, not a good one either — might end up with me on the wrong end of a poisoned pen letter.

The problem is that for every story I have, they each have one about me — like the time — no, I don’t think I want to share that one at all — it could give my children ideas that could lead to an arrest.

I guess I’ll stick to the stories of my husband, children and grandchildren — I can explain away any of their stories as temporary insanity caused by raising four children – and besides they OWE me!


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  1. Hello Katie..I can understand your dilemma. I once wrote a tale about my daughter Lynda, she did not mind ,but her sisters decided that it was not fair of me to put part of Lynda’s life into print. Even though it was a big part of my life too. Anyway I erred on the side or least resistance and deleted the lot. So I can see that although you would like to write that it is probably best not too especially when you have so many other subjects.
    Thank you for your journal today and for sharing this with us all.

    Happy Day and keep smiling

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