I want my own Dragon!

Toy dragons, gift shop, California

The perfect mode of transportation (Image via Wikipedia)

I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction lately — specifically the Dragonriders of Pern series – plus I just watched Avatar for the very first time (I know, I’m way behind everyone else on this one!) where, for those of you who still haven’t seen it (there are probably still a couple of you out there living under a rock somewhere) – they fly on dragon-like creatures!  Because my overload on flying dragons, I’ve been dreaming a lot about flying dragons!  I was entranced by dragons when I was a teenager and even collected anything to do with dragons for a long time.  I bought books on dragons and had necklaces with jeweled eyed dragons.  I was really quite taken with them.

Due to my renewed love of dragons, I have decided that we really need to find some of these delightful creatures so I can use my money for food instead of gas for my car!!  Think how awesome that would be — I could fly to work – and even teleport to where I want to go (in the Pern novels, the dragons can go instantly to anywhere the rider is thinking about – way cool!).   I know I would have to feed the dragon — but it has to be less costly to keep a herd of cattle than to fill up my tank of my car weekly at almost $4 a gallon!!!!

Have a dragon would be way cooler than being transported as in Star Trek – with less chance of all of my molecules being scattered or misaligned at the other end.  There is the chance of falling from great heights — but with the proper harnesses, I think that could be overcome quite easily.  I could even hire myself out to take people across the globe — and I wouldn’t charge them extra for their luggage!

I’m pretty sure having a dragon would be the way to solve a lot of the energy problems — wouldn’t have to use all the fossil fuel to drive cars, less of a carbon footprint and a truly natural answer to transportation problem — plus, you could probably use them to keep your house warm in the winter — and even supply you with an unlimited amount of hot water.

Although there may be a few drawbacks to owning a dragon (road rage could get a little ugly with the whole flame thing) – I still think owning my own dragon would solve so many problems — but I am going to have to find a place with a bigger garage.


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  1. Oh Katie, you crazy lady! what a wonderful idea . But I think that before you ever got off to a flying start, either Easyjet or Ryanair would be close behind or whatever budget airlines you have in your country. Just imagine that if your idea really caught on there would be loads of dragons flying high in the sky. Would you have to have Dragon Parks to tether your dragon whilst you went to the local supermarket? What about if you wanted to go out with your family, would you need a dragon for each person?
    When you have worked out the logistics let me know and I’ll come for a spin with you!
    Have a Dragon Happy Day, and breathe out the flames (in other words keep smiling)

  2. You are funny. Since I love animals, I like the idea of having a dragon. Although semi-seriously, I’d kind of like to have an elephant, as well.

    I’d love a shiny, multicolored dragon. I guess they’d be like cats (or dogs) with all kinds of breeds. The more the merrier, I’d guess. I think they’d eat a lot, especially the fire-breathers. Fire breathing would take so much energy to produce, don’t you think?

    And what if they’re territorial? What about laws on spaying and neutering; who gets to breed them? You see, all types of potential problems!

    But the whimsy of flying around on a dragon, as opposed to driving a car, is undeniably attractive!

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