I Miss My Babies!


My babies!

As I was coming home from work the other night — I suddenly realized that I actually miss my babies.  This may not sound like much — but when put into the perspective that we haven’t had any of our children living at home for almost four years – and it becomes apparent that it has taken me awhile to come to the realization that I actually miss having them around.

I miss the fact that I had taught them to fetch things for me — like the remote control, a soda from the fridge, a cookie, and the newspaper.  They were much easier to train than the dog – especially at getting things from the fridge and the cookie jar!  I’ve tried to train my husband to do these small acts of kindness, but he looks at me like I’m out of my mind when I ask him to get out of his comfy chair where he has been napping, go to the kitchen and get me a snack.  He actually thinks I should be doing this for him!  The kids thought it was a game — there was always a race to see who was the fastest.  This kept them active – and just helped my pant size get bigger!

I miss being able to blame my messy house on the fact that I had four children (and then teenagers) and worked full-time.  It turns out that I’m just a really bad housekeeper — and I hate doing cleaning the house!  I would much rather be reading a book, watching TV, wandering aimlessly — anything other than cleaning the house (much like I’m doing now by writing a post every night!).

I miss having an excuse to watch Disney movies.  I really like the Disney classicsCinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Mulan.  Plus, I want to see the new ones in the movie theaters — like Rapunzel!  Luckily I have grandchildren that I can haul to these occasionally – so I might be able to work this one out.

I miss having the excuse that I have to take a day off work because I’m exhausted from being up all night with the kids because they are sick.  This sounds so much more noble than taking a day off just to be by myself and get caught up on my shows on the DVR!

I miss having the excuse that the stains on my clothes are from children spitting up on me when they gave me a hug on the way out the door.  Now I just look like that senile old lady who can’t seem to dress herself!

There are lots of things I miss now that my children are no longer living at home — but there is one thing that I miss the most — I miss having an excuse to check on them as they lay asleep so I can remind myself that no matter how ugly my day may have been or how ugly the world can be — I was given four beautiful creatures to remind me of God’s love.

I miss my babies!


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  1. I can appreciate your mention of the kids fetching things. Once my kids got to be five or six and they could progressively do more things for me, parenting got a whole lot better. I tell people considering having children not to focus on the first few years, but rather think after five years how much cheaper kids will be than servants.

  2. Morning Katie, Another great piece of journal( I hate that word blog, it is so hard). I know the feeling of missing your babies. Mine are now 52. 50, and 37 but to me they are still the little girls that I loved and treasured. I can’t ever see a time coming when they will not be my babies.My eldest two daughters are grandmothers themselves but still my babies.
    As for being a senile old lady. I am sure that you are not. Can we see a picture of you.
    I hate ironing and do it about once a year, if that. I try to buy clothes that do not need ironing then I don’t have a problem.
    Never mind about the housework. Who cares? You go and have a great day and remember above all Keep Smiling

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