An English Proverb

Sets of traditional wooden oars

Which ones are yours?

I found this really cool book recently — actually, my husband Pat found it when he was throwing the garbage away.  Someone had actually thrown three large cartons of books away — they had actually trashed books!  I was appalled — I just can’t imagine throwing books away — even if they are ones I wouldn’t read.  So, Pat pulled them all out of the garbage, we cleaned them up and gave almost all of them to the public library.  I’m not sure that people understand that the public library will take any books people have.  If they don’t put them on the shelf, the sell them at their fundraisers — so either way the books are a benefit to many people.  I felt much better giving them to the library today and not thinking about them being tossed into a landfill.

Anyway – back to the book we found.  We did keep a couple of the books – and one of them as The International Thesaurus of Quotations.   What a nifty little tool!  My husband handed it to me and said “Every writer needs to have this.”  This meant a lot to me because sometimes I’m not sure my husband appreciates the time I spend writing instead of conversing with him.  Although he is definitely my biggest and most ardent fan — he doesn’t always like the amount of time it takes to write something that is a little more coherent than Charlie Sheen‘s ramblings!

I think this book will come in quite handy over the next year — especially on days when I am at a complete loss for an idea for my post – and today was one of those days.  So, isn’t it appropriate that the first quote that really ‘spoke’ to me when I opened the book was the following English proverb — “Everyone must row with the oars he has.”  – and today I was handed an oar in the form a book with all kinds of great ideas — and it just happens to work well with an oar I already have — my ability to tell a story.  It’s great how these things work out!

So, I’ll keep rowing away and use the oars I have – who knows how far I will go, the places I will see and the people I will meet!  What an adventure it will be!


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  1. What a great gift! Your husband does appreciate you — it’s funny how we think they don’t notice, and then they surprise us.

    I’m sure the book will come in handy — it will be interested to see what other quotes inspire you.

  2. What a wonderful find. So Pat’s garbage collecting isn’t ALL a waste! Well done Pat!
    Every writer, and I include myself in that, should be armed with a Dictionary, and Roget’s Thesaurus They are part of your working tools Now you also have a Thesaurus of Quotations, I do envy you and I bet it makes interesting reading as well.
    I would be ashamed to throw away a book, even if it was completely boring. There may be somebody who would find a use for it and maybe get enjoyment out of it. As you say, books can always be deposited at the local library.
    We shall be expecting some fantastic quotes now that you have your new book.
    Happy hunting Katie and keep smiling :-))

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