Oh my God – my desk is being overrun by bunnies!

Elmer Fudd

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Yes, they are multiplying like crazy!  I’ve tried everything to get rid of them — I finish off a couple of them and ten more take their place!  I’ve tried separating them so they can’t breed but they seem to be coming from other desks as if drawn by a magnet.  I don’t have any food at my desk – and the well on most days has run dry – so why the heck are these bunnies congregating on my desk!

This is how I have felt the past couple of days as I look at all of the work papers (bunnies) on my desk.  I’ll finish off  a project only to have two more take its place.  I’ve tried separating them with pencils, staplers and even pieces of cardboard – but they seem to multiple through cell division and don’t even need to be near each other!  My brain is on overload and there is very little food for thought taking place — so why do everyone else’s bunnies seem to find their way to my desk – and they seem to be communicating telepathically with bunnies throughout the company — because I’m now getting phone calls and e-mails that more bunnies are the way!

I’m thinking that I need to put on my Elmer Fudd hat and start using a shotgun on the pesky little beasts – but I’m pretty sure that all that will do is land me in the psychiatric ward for a couple of days – and then I’ll have a whole different set of bunnies to worry about!


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