Where are my pants?

A game of Scrabble in Tagalog.

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My mother loved to play Scrabble — she loved all kinds of word games where she could unjumble letters and make a fantastic word — and earn points while doing it!  She took great delight in thinking of words to play on the board and get those double and triple letters – and just beat the pants off her opponent.  When she taught us to play Scrabble, the rule was that you couldn’t look through the dictionary to find a word — only to check to see if what was on the board was a real word – if it wasn’t in the dictionary, then it wasn’t a word – and you couldn’t use it in Scrabble.  That meant you couldn’t use swear words or slang – because for many years these types of words were not included in Webster’s Dictionary.  My mother’s happiness day was when I received a new dictionary as a high school graduation gift and she found that swear words such as damn and others that are not repeatable here – were all in the dictionary!  Great galloping guppies — she was going to be able to spell all kinds of great words now! 

While my sister Eileen would sit for hours and play Scrabble with Mom.   I found that I didn’t have the patience to wait for just the right letters – and I wanted to spell the BIG words — not those silly three-letter things — I wanted to spell something impressive, something which would give me a lot of points — something with an ‘X’ and a ‘Q’ in it!  However, when I sat with Mom, all of my words would dry up and I could only come up with words like ‘ax’ or ‘it’ or ‘hug’ — I hated the game!

Skip forward about 40 years and into the world of android phones and the many applications you can load on your phone.  My son, Bob who is a true computer geek finds these nifty little apps everywhere – games you can play with your friends on your phone – and he re-introduced me the game of Scrabble.  Bob is not happy that he let me into his little world – and he’s not happy that I play Scrabble with him – and most of all – he is not happy that I beat the pants off him!

Yes – I have become my mother in yet another aspect of my life — I actually enjoy the electronic version of Scrabble and I have learned that the smallest words sometimes can garner the most points – and that you have to play the letters you have regardless of how silly and how small the word can be.  I have also learned one more thing about my mother — I always thought she loved to play Scrabble because she loved words — but after playing Scrabble with my son – I think Mom liked playing Scrabble with us because she could beat the pants off of us!  She knew a lot more words just by the fact that she had read more books and been alive longer — she knew she could beat us at this one game and prove she was still smarter than we were!

Well – now it’s my turn to remind Bob that I am still smarter than he is and someday he can do the same to one of his children – but for right now — I’m the one who has all of the pants!


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  1. Hahaha! You are getting your revenge on your children — as all parents do eventually! Even as you turn into your mother you are lording it over your children!

    Way to go — that’s the only comfort I can think of if you are a parent — someday you get your revenge on the little darlings, arrrrrgh!

  2. Good morning Katie, and what a lovely day it is! the sky is blue, the sun is shining. I Just wish that all was right with the world!
    Anyway another very amusing journal. We have a Scrabble board but it is hidden away in the Summer house which is a shame really as when there is so much rubbish on TV we could have a game. I don’t very often win which is surprising really.. but its always fun.

    Have fun today, be happy and keep smiling

  3. I’m addicted to playing ‘Words with Friends’ (Scrabble on the iPhone/iPad). Love it.
    When I was younger I always played Rummikub with my mum. It’s all about numbers! Great fun.

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