The Wanderings of a Disjointed Mind



I started to write about quite a few things today – but everything I started ended up sounding like a diatribe or a criticism or just plain stupid.  So I figured if I’m going to sound stupid tonight, I would simply put it all into one post and get it out of my system – so here are the things I was going to write about but decided that I just wasn’t up to a full-blown post about them.

1.  Daylight Savings Time.  I really hate the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  I feel like an hour has been stolen from me and I’m tired for a week just thinking about it.  Yes – I get an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day — but it’s not going to change my day in any way because I’m not a little kid anymore who now gets to stay out later after dinner – and I’m not a person who likes to play sports in the evenings (heck, I can hardly walk over to the gym every night!).  I’m still going to come home in the evening and be too exhausted to do anything but sit and stare numbly at the TV before I drag my tired old body to bed!  I know I get that hour back in October — but again — what am I going to do with that hour – sit and stare at the TV for an extra hour?  The government thinks they are fooling us because they say the time change takes place at 2 a.m. (or 3 a.m. – all I remember is that it is in the middle of the night) – but we know that all people change their clocks before they go to bed and then try to trick their bodies into believing that nothing has changed!  Such a bunch of nonsense!

2.  An English proverb – “Those who are absent are always wrong.”  There is an unwritten rule in the workplace that all errors, bad decisions and other stuff that could get you in trouble are the fault of the last person who was fired, quit or laid off.  This lasts for approximately one year.   I couldn’t get any further than this — all I could think about was what horrific things I’ve been blamed for in the past when I left a job — and then again, I think that makes me sound way more important than I really am! 

3.  Busy day doing nothing.  Today was one of those days where we left early in the morning and returned later in the evening without really accomplishing anything.  We all have those days and unfortunately sometimes they are when we go to work!  Today was a little more frustrating because I knew I was going to lose an hour – although I would have wasted it anyway — it’s just not fair that the government is taking it away from me!

So – you can see — I really didn’t have much to say today – and yet, it sounds more and more like I need a long, quiet rest on a beach in the sun – where no one is trying to steal my time, blame me for things I’m pretty sure I didn’t do and the one accomplishment would be doing nothing at all.


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  1. Hi Katie. Am I living in a different world to you? Our clocks have not changed and neither has the clock at the BBC, maybe you are just considering how you would feel when it did not happen.
    I think I might write about things that I get blamed for..there are quite a few and some are justified.
    Anyway Hun, have a happy day on your make believe sundrenched island, and if you are back to normal tomorrow, I shall read you again

    • Patrecia — in the US, we move the clocks forward one hour in the spring and then back one hour in the fall — Daylight Savings Time. This was started during WWII in order to help factories save money on electricity because they could work later in the evenings without turning on the lights so early. We just never got rid of it and now it lasts longer than the original three months. Now, we start Daylight Savings Time in March and end in October. Just a way to fool people into thinking we having an extra hour of daylight in the evening.

  2. I dislike DST intensely–I never like to use the word hate but it’s closer to how I feel. Anyway, I want my hour back–we really don’t get it back when we “fall” back in October…when it’s gone it’s gone. At this stage my of life I want all the hours I can have–they are becoming fewer by the day.

  3. Hahaha! I temped for many, many years and did both short and long-term jobs. Every job I went to former temps were blamed for snafus. It go so that I would think, is every temp but me incompetent? Because I worked hard and did a good job and had excellent skill and got asked back and asked to stay for years . . . then I finally realized people find it convenient to blame those who are no longer there. I guess not just temps, either!

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