The Gremlins Almost Stopped Me!


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I know – it seems improbable and impossible – but the gremlins targeted me today.  They didn’t want me to write my post and apparently went out of their way to try to accomplish their goal.  You are probably wondering why gremlins would target my blog and specifically today’s post?  It does seem a little strange — I wasn’t even going to write about gremlins today.  I was going to write a story about winning prizes at the parish fish fry and my granddaughter – but that will have to wait until the problem with the gremlins is resolved. 

You are probably also asking how the gremlins tried to thwart my efforts and my promise to post every day in 2011 – when apparently here is a post!  Well, the little stinkers sabotaged my power cord to my laptop computer – it has a frayed wire and won’t charge my computer – so it is very dead.  No – I’m not using my psychic powers to write this post (although I’ve never tried that so who knows if it really works!) — instead I’m lucky enough that my apartment complex has a computer lab which is open to the residents – so I am able to type my post instead of wasting valuable time perfecting those psychic skills previously mentioned.

Maybe the gremlins wanted the attention and knew that I would write about them if they screwed up my laptop – and if that is the case I have played right into their hands.  However, since gremlins are usually more interested in screwing up things than in worrying about stories written about them (otherwise, they wouldn’t have allowed the movie Gremlin to be released!) – I’m thinking they were just feeling a bit restless and wanted to cause some trouble – and I was an easy target!

Well — they didn’t stop me from keeping my New Year’s Resolution — which is the ONLY resolution I have kept (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!).  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to buy a new power cord and resume my posts from the comfort of my own home – and if not, I’ll just come over to the computer lab – at least until the Gremlins get wise to where I’ve gone and decide to monkey with the equipment over here!  Maybe I should start working on those psychic powers!


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  1. Katie, how terrible. I fortunately do have two laptops so if this one goes I can always use the other but all my information is on here so I would be in a real mess…
    Naughty Gremlins, but you won in the end! Braveheart knows no bounderies when a job must be done.
    You ask if it’s a good thing or bad thing that you have kept at least one resolution..personally I think it is great…your writings give me so much pleasure and I look forward each morning to seeing it appear on my screen. Just think , that if you had given up, there would be one less happy person on this earth.
    Thank you my friend, tomorrow is another day, with a new power cord so all will be back to normal.
    Keep smiling and don’t let the little b-g-e-s beat you

  2. Lucky you to have a computer lab at your disposal. Great amenity.

    I think gremlins, like children and pets, just require attention from time to time and “act out” in bad ways just to get it. You’ve probably fulfilled your attention quota, so they should likely move on to the next target.

    Working on those psychic abilities couldn’t hurt, though! Mine suck, but yours may be much better. I’ve always worked on mind control (of others) and so far that really hasn’t panned out. Guessing the winning lottery numbers before they hit had been a secondary focus, which hasn’t been perfected yet, either!

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