The Face of a Loser…or Maybe Not


We didn't win ANYTHING!

This is the face of a loser.  She was upset because we had not won anything at the fish fry last Friday night.  She didn’t understand that she would be winning pork chops or spare ribs – she just knew that she hadn’t won.  She had held up her money to buy her tickets.  She had waited for the numbers to be called – and yet — she had not won.  She just didn’t understand — she had won a bunny pillow at Saturday’s breakfast — so she should win at least SOMETHING at the fish fry!  She was upset because it was time to go and she HAD NOT WON!

This is the face of a winner.  Her grandfather took pity on her and let her stay with us after her little brother was taken home to be given a bath and put to bed.  Her grandfather took her out to the nearby playground where she was able to swing and play on the slide until it was too dark and starting to get chilly.  She was able to have her grandparents all to herself on the ride home and tell us all about her day.  She laughed and sang all the way home. 

She may not have won the pork chops or the ribs – or another bunny pillow – but she definitely came away with a pretty nice prize package!


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  1. Hi Katie, Bless your little Granddaughter, you did not say her name. I know how she felt.
    When the lottery first came to the UK I bought a ticket and just KNEW that it was going to win and when the numbers did not come up I was very disappointed. I could not believe that this had happened.
    I never bought another lottery ticket.
    Also my first time of gambling on a horse 10p I paid for a ticket and it lost.. I never bet again
    Sad really!! Poor woman that I am

  2. A cute little girl. And she was bless with a great and loving grandparents that were always be there for her. When times go sad. She may not win in the lottery but at least she had won the greatest grandparents in the world.

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