Where DOES the Easter Bunny live?

Foil wrapped chocolate Easter Bunnies

A Pot o'Gold?

My granddaughter, Lizzie has decided that the Easter Bunny is from Ireland.  I’m sure it is because we just had St. Patrick’s Day – but on the other hand, who is to say she isn’t right?  She knows that Santa Claus is from the North Pole, angels come from heaven, leprechauns are from Ireland – so she as concluded that the Easter Bunny must actually live somewhere and Ireland would be the logical choice!

I’m not going to correct her – because I really don’t know where the Easter Bunny lives in  his off-season.  It’s not like he is off making toys for the next Easter season – and the eggs are usually local, so he doesn’t have to be far away from people and hiding out.  Actually, the Easter Bunny probably blends right in with the other bunnies throughout the rest of the year — unlike Santa Claus who would be recognizable anywhere, as well as leprechauns who have a tendency to wear a lot of green and funny hats.

Ireland seems to be the perfect place for EB (all of Easter’s friends call him that) to spend his off time.  I’ve never been to Ireland, but all of the pictures show a very green and lush land — not too hot and not too cold.  He could live on the grass throughout the year and blend right in with the countryside.  Plus — we all know that Ireland is the place for all magical things (at least those of us who are Irish believe that!) — leprechauns, fairies, unicorns and other fantastical creatures reside in the Ireland – I’m pretty sure that the Tooth Fairy is probably a permanent resident also!

So – does the EB come from Ireland?  Not really sure — but I know that on Easter morning, my children and now my grandchildren look at their Easter basket full of goodies as if it were a pot o’gold – so who knows?  Maybe EB has learned some tricks from his friends the fairies and the leprechauns!


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  1. Hi Katie..that’s the blarney of the Irish! But I think that maybe you are right. Ireland is a place of magical things, and from what I have heard it is lush and green so , yes, I think that EB does live there ‘ out of season’.
    Children have a wonderful imagination and it is lovely to hear that even in 2011 imagination can play a great part in a little girl’s life. stay with it Lizzie!

    love to you all

  2. My first thought was how does EB get the eggs past TSA…Santa has his sled that, can avoid airports and, according to CNN, is cleared each year by the respective country’s military…but EB? Than you made sense of the issue “the eggs are usually local.”

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