“Mama Didn’t Raise No Quitter” (via Uprooted Magnolia)


Leah’s post really touched my heart — made me homesick and thankful for all I have, at the same time. She takes beautiful pictures of Wyoming – I’m a Colorado mountain girl myself – and I love the pictures of the ranch. My father’s family were cattle ranchers as were all of my friends as I growing up. But like Leah, my mother told me to grab a good thing when I found it – and so I moved to Omaha to go to college and there I met the love of my life — also a man named Patrick!

Leah’s post put into words what I think about almost every day — I’m so blessed to have found someone who brings out all the best things in me – and forgives me for the rest.

Thank you Leah for reminding me.

"Mama Didn't Raise No Quitter" This week marks the one year anniversary of starting my new life here in big sky country. What can I say, I met a cowboy, fell in love with him and the land, and decided that my heart needed a change from the recent sadness I was experiencing in my hometown. Losing my mother to cancer 5 years ago left me with a crushed heart and a great deal of sadness. Life was gray and smiles were hard to come by. My photography lacked spunk and creativity as w … Read More

via Uprooted Magnolia


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  1. Thank you Katie for giving the link to Leah. what a wonderful lady. So pleased that she , like you, is happy with her Pat.

    I love reading your stories

    Love P

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