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Today was a BIG day — in fact, a HUGE day!  My hubby and I decided to buy another house.  We are currently renting our house to my daughter and her family – so we have been renting an apartment for the last year.  We decided that we wanted to buy a house before interest rates starting going through the roof (pardon the pun) or inflation kicked in.  We’ve looked around quite a bit and we decided to build a new home rather than buy an existing one.  This should be no surprise to anyone who has read my posts — we are not known for being the most sane individuals on the planet – as evidenced by our four crazy children and the other shenanigans in our lives!

I’m very excited about the whole adventure and I’m pretty sure that by the time we are ready to move in (which should be in about 4 months), Pat will want to have me committed – but he took a vow of ‘better or worse, sickness or health, richer or poorer’ – so he has to stay.  And as evidenced in a previous post – he is more worried about the ‘richer or poorer’ part of the equation – but I have convinced him that it would be much better for his health if we buy the house I want instead of one he thinks is cheap enough for him.    I’m pretty sure he would live in a tent with an outhouse if he thought it would save him a few bucks!

So, over the next few months I will be sharing our experiences – as well as Pat’s worries about our new home.  So far, things have been very pleasant — but that’s because Pat has spent most of his time just nodding and agreeing — which is exactly what I expect him to do.  I’ve promised to keep things within our budget and not get too out of control about building the house — but I made no promises about when it comes time to decorate!


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  1. how exciting!I shall wait with baited breath and eager anticipation to hear about the next few months.Poor Pat, I sympathize with him, but I am sure it will be ok in the end

    love P

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