One Last Gasp

Garden with some tulips and narcissus

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I’m really hoping that these last few days of March are winter’s last gasp.  It is horribly unkind of Mother Nature to play these types of jokes on people – warm enough for shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts one day and then the next is a deep freeze (which doesn’t seem to stop some people from wearing the same thing they wore for warm day!).  I hang up my winter jacket in hopes of not having to say hello to it again for a few months – and then the next morning – ZAP!  It’s only 32 degrees and I don’t feel like losing my ears, fingers or toes – so I have to dress like it is the middle of December again – and I’m getting really tired of those sweaters and boots!

Seriously – what the heck is going on!  The groundhog didn’t see his shadow – so spring is supposed to be ‘just around the corner’.  Around the corner of what?  Are we talking a normal sized block or is it block in New York City?  Or is it the ‘block’ on which a major shopping center is located?  All I know is that ‘right around the corner’ does not mean over two months later!  Although, if this is based on Jenny (my daughter) location – it could mean that spring is actually about 100 miles away!  Real location—one block.  Jenny location means she has seen the block in question but she is not anywhere near it – but could be passing by it sometime in the future.

Also – Spring was supposed to arrive on March 20th!  Apparently, Spring is on the same time-table to which Jenny adheres.  We know there is Jenny Time and there is Real Time.  Real Time is when I say that I will be there in 5 minutes – I really am there in 5 minutes.  Jenny Time is when Jenny says she will be there in 5 minutes – it could be any five minutes within the next 24 hours!

Based on all of this – Spring must be just like my daughter, Jenny!  Beautiful, full energy – but a little scatterbrained, never on time and not knowing quite where she is!  I suppose that means I will have to enjoy Spring the same way I love my daughter – overlook her faults and enjoy her when she finally shows up!


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  1. The first day of spring was BEAUTIFUL here in North Texas. I was so happy. Then I went to Chicago over the weekend on a business trip. Froze my biscuits off! I stood outside waiting for the shuttle to take me to the Avis car rental station wishing I was back home in Texas.

    Then I came home and found the weather was overcast, cloudy and cold here too.

    I say we go on a Groundhog Hunt and find that lying little rodant!

  2. Great post Katie,
    Here in Bulgaria it is just the same.A few days ago we were out there sun bathing but now it is cold again. BUT the STORK has arrived in the next village and that is ALWAYS the sign of Spring. My daffodils are coming out and there are green shoots on the trees…it is coming..believe me!
    That is a lovely picture of spring like flowers, so gaze at that and then you will think that Spring really is here.

    Happy days love P

  3. Well, heck, spring is only ever teasing us in March! Real spring comes around in April, don’t you know? We had a 70 degree day last week, and it’s been down in the 20’s the past couple of nights. I’d hoped to put my warm winter coat away for the season, but it’s been too chilly to wear my lighter jackets for the past few days.

    BUT! The daffodils are coming up — all the greenery is there, and I can see the buds! And the tulip leaves are up, too. Harbingers of spring, but perhaps a tad early to declare spring is really here. “Almost” is the word. Soon to be “Here”! Hurrah!

  4. Spring seems to have come early here, I’ve never worn sandals in March before! However as you’ve said, it keeps disappearing too so trying to get the correct warmth of ensemble is a tricky act that keeps catching me out. 🙂

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