My Head Is Going to Explode!

Carpet samples

Image by Arthur Pewty via Flickr

Choices – who knew that having too many of them would give you a headache that would prevent you from sleeping or thinking clearly?  I didn’t!  We’ve always been taught that lots of choices are a good thing – that way you get exactly what you want.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it ain’t so!  Lots of choices just makes you want to sit in the middle of the room, grab your head in pain and scream!

You are probably wondering what brought on my Choice Migraine – and for those of you who have ever built a house – I’m sure you have had this very same malady.  Last night, we went to the ‘Choice Studio’ to select all of the stuff for our new house.  When I say all of the stuff – I mean flooring, carpeting, countertops, cabinets, doors, walls, faucets, vinyl siding – everything!  This wouldn’t be so bad if there were only a couple of selections for each but even for the stuff which comes standard (which means no extra money) – there are in some cases 10 things from which to choose! 

We started with the vinyl and I thought it wasn’t going to be too bad – there were only three choices for the standard and they were pretty good – so I could choose one of those pretty easily.  Silly me – because the carpeting was right next to it and I should have known by the skeletal remains of the man sitting at the table staring blankly at carpet samples that this was not going to go very well.  The standard choices numbered over 10!  Then there were at least 30-40 different colors for the upgrades!  And of course, my husband decided that he wanted an upgrade – so the headache began.

By the time we got the countertops and cabinets, my eyes were burning and my ears were ringing.  It should be noted that I am NOT and never have been an interior designer – not to mention I have no creativity when it comes to fashion for me or my home.  I’m one of those people who walks into a department store, sees the nice outfit on the mannequin and then buys everything that the mannequin is wearing – sometimes in multiple colors – that way I know someone with more style than I have made some good choices!  Well – you can’t do that with the house choices – you have to actually make decisions and put things together yourself!

Thank goodness for my hubby who obviously has a lot more design sense than me!  He picked out most of the stuff and I think it will look really nice – which prevented my Choice Migraine from becoming a Choice Coma – or worse yet, I could have ended up joining the gentleman in the carpet section!


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  1. Hee hee. Not fun, eh? I would have loved doing this, but I love design. My husband would have been fighting me tooth and nail because I would be the one wanting the upgrades! Thank goodness you have a decisive husband — so at least the choosing is done!

    I fear the worst part of building a house will be down the line, at least from what I’ve heard. Delays, cost overruns, “you chose that but it’s out of stock, please choose another”, etc. My dear, I do hope you’re stocked up on aspirin!

  2. But Katie, just think how lovely it will all look when it is completed.
    I assume without even asking that we shall all be seeing photographs of the house in various stages before completion and of course the wonder of being finished…..

    I cannot wait!

    Love P

  3. As you say, we’re totally overwhelmed with choices and it’s not always necessarily as good a thing as they’d have you believe! 🙂

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