Our New Home – The Lot


Our New Home - The Lot

Today we signed the purchase agreement to build our new house.  Probably not momentous for some – but for us it is the first time we will get to live in a place which has never been occupied – and where we get to pick out all of the amenities!  There have been a few compromises so far – nothing major.  We have to get a deck on the back because of the way the lot is graded – we had not wanted a deck – but this will be fine.  It won’t be very high off the ground and it will be quite large – so very usable.  We also compromised on some of our ‘wish list’ for things for the inside of the house – mainly because we were just too cheap to pay the money to upgrade –which means it must not have been that important to us to begin with!

We will get to move into our new home in July – so over the next few months, we will take pictures to document the whole experience.  This is a specific request of my daughter, Jenny who loves to scrapbook.  She has decided that we need a ‘coffee table’ book which shows all of the details of our journey – although she really should have started with me banging my head against the walls of the ‘Choice Studio’ because there were too many selections!

We’ve had lots of opinions about our adventure – ranging from ‘what the hell is wrong with you’ to ‘wow, that is awesome!’  The ones I love are the ones who tell us we should be getting a bigger house (I’m not sure why, since we don’t have any kids at home) or that we can’t afford it (never have shared our finances, so how would they know).  Of course, you always get the ones where they tell you it isn’t worth the hassle to build a new house.  Or that you picked the wrong builder, the wrong lot, the wrong house, the wrong city or a host of other ‘wrongs’. 

We will just continue on our merry path of madness and enjoy the ride.  We know this may have crazy moments – but how boring would it be if we just lived the rest of our life in a little gray box and didn’t dare to take the journey?


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  1. Yeah, except you skipped out on the FRONT PORCH. I don’t think I will ever get over this. Where are you we gonna drink lemonade, play checkers and gossip about the neighbors? Exactly.

  2. I am with you all the way Katie..we had a house built for us in Spain and it was always something special about it. Nobody else had put their mark up it, it was all ours and the feeling was fantastic.
    Don’t listen to the Doubting Thomas’ of this world. Fly the flag, bang the drums. do exactly what YOU want to do. It is your life and you may never get another opportunity to do this again.

    Happy Day my friend! P

  3. You can’t leave too much out of your wishes for the interior! Probably a good idea to add inside plumbing back into your plan design. The “back-to-nature” movement ended with the 70s. A refrigerator rather than an ice box might be desirable, too…given the Omaha summer weather.

    • We tried to leave the plumbing out but the homeowner’s association wouldn’t approve our outhouse! We offered to paint it the same color as the house but they said no!

  4. Hi, I just read your blog because it was on Kathryn Grime’s website. I’m your neighbor 3 doors down to east – I believe I sat next to you at the Hearthstone seminar when we received the appliance voucher. You can sit on my porch and drink lemonade and play checkers! Have a great day and it will be very nice to have you as my neighbors.

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