‘Heavenly’ or ‘eh’

Raw cookie dough in cookie clumps.


Comedian Eddie Izzard has a routine where he talks about how wonderful it was to lick the bowl and beaters after his ‘mum’ had made a cake.  He calls the batter ‘heavenly’ and the baked cake just ‘eh’.  I agree with him completely!  There are some things which are just better if they are eaten unbaked! As I laughed at his observation, I thought about all of the things I like better before they are put in the oven.

Cookie dough – I’m not talking that stuff you buy wrapped in plastic from the grocery store.  I’m talking fresh cookie dough – mixed up at home and eaten right out of the bowl – with the very spoon used for mixing!   Some heavenly examples –

  • Chocolate chip – creamy and sweet with that bite of chocolate – melts in your mouth and leaves that sugary taste on your tongue waiting for the next bite.
  • Peanut butter – definitely like the dough MUCH better than the actual cookies.  What’s not to like?  Peanut butter mixed with sugar and butter – which takes away the ability of peanut butter to stick to the roof your mouth and lets it dissolve in your mouth like a sweet peanut butter sandwich without the bread and the stickiness.
  • Oatmeal and raisin.  I know this one sounds a little weird – but when you bake those oatmeal cookies they leave their sugar on the cookie sheet and in the oven.  Want a good way to make your children eat some oatmeal – just mix up the cookie dough and they will love you forever.  The only thing better than raisins in the dough would be butterscotch chips!
  • Snickerdoodles.  Yeh – you don’t get all of the wonderful spices put on the cookie before it is baked – but what you do get is dough which is silky, sweet and buttery – sheer delight!
  • Chocolate crinkles – need I say more?  They are pure chocolate and the dough tastes like a vat of fudge!  Yum!
  • Sugar Cookies – these are the one cookie that I like just as well baked as unbaked – but that is only because I put a lot of frosting on the baked cookie!  Again – they are so much more sugary before they are baked – and the creaminess of the dough only makes it that much better.

Cake batter and brownie batter – any flavor is simply awesome!  Just as Eddie says – there is something about that wonderful concoction sticking to your lips, teeth and tongue and sliding down your throat that gives you a sensation of taste that ‘heavenly’.  Baking ruins this wonderful texture and gives you a sponge on which becomes a conveyance for vast quantities of frosting – much like sugar cookies.  Brownies have a grittiness because of the sugar that makes the batter stick to your teeth just a little longer and adds to the pleasure.

Don’t listen to those people who say – “Don’t eat that raw batter.  You will get worms!”  If that’s what it takes to enjoy these wonderful taste sensations – then so be it!  However, I have been eating raw cookie dough for 50 years and never had a worm – and I don’t know anyone who has gotten worms this way – and I can’t find anything in medical literature to support this.  I think this was made up by people who wanted the cake or cookie to actually make it to the oven – probably because they needed something on which to put frosting!


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  1. Good morning Mrs Katie,
    I loved that post, great stuff.
    My favourite eating mix is meringues, When the egg white and sugar are mixed before cooking, oooh I love it. I have bben known to make some especially for me to eat. But then I feel sick and wished I hadn’t done that!
    I love meringues but am a failure at cooking them as I don’t have the patience to wait until they have finished in the oven so they get eaten when they are all squidgy

    have a lovely day


  2. Worms?! Never heard of that. In this health and safety conscious modern day we’re all being told not to eat the mixture because of the raw eggs. Highly deadly apparently. 😉 However, classy recipes for things like mousses etc still favour using raw eggs despite all the fuss. Daft! 🙂

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