It’s been a heck of a week at sea …


Liam is Two!

I was sitting here utterly exhausted, trying to figure out what I had done in my relatively sedentary life to deserve feeling like I had been run over by a very large truck – or possibly even an airplane and then it dawned on me that this has been one heckuva a week.  I don’t know if I can take this kind of excitement every week unless I start taking a lot more vitamins or find a fountain of youth!

Last Saturday, we made a decision to build a house.  Big decision!  HUGE decision.  I spent the weekend not sleeping much because I was excited, scared, and in general, totally spazzed out!  This actually carried over on Sunday and Monday.  Add to this that on Sunday nights I tutor my daughter in Accounting class — basically a fried brain!

Tuesday, we spent the evening signing papers and then picking out everything that went in the house.  This was absolute insanity!  My brain became totally disoriented because it was so sleep deprived from the previous 3 days – and then the information overload was almost more than I could handle.  I spent Tuesday night, tossing and turning and wondering if I had made the right decisions and were we spending too much money.

Wednesday, we confirmed our selections and even added a few more.  Very excited and looking forward to how the house turns out.  Too much adrenaline and too much caffeine.  Stayed up too late tutoring my son on his intermediate algebra.  I’m beginning to think that I never should have told my children that I have a degree in Mathematics – or my MBA!  Maybe it would be a lot healthier for me to hire them a tutor!  No — I couldn’t do that – it’s one of the few times I get to spend some quality time with my children now that they don’t live at home and are going to college and have families of their own.  Stayed up most of the night – again too much adrenaline thinking about signing the purchase agreement on Thursday – this combined with too much caffeine so I could stay up and work with my son  – equals no sleep (don’t have to be a mathematician to know that!).

Thursday, signed the purchase agreement for the house.  Things are now getting a little blurry around the edges — so couldn’t quite remember what else I did that day.  Went to courthouse and got license plates for car  – I must have been totally dazed because I don’t remember it taking very long.  Spent some time with youngest daughter and her hubby before they left for Seattle.  Didn’t sleep much — too much adrenaline, too much caffeine — same song, second verse.

Friday, attended parish Fish Fry and ate lots of grease – added lots of caffeine and lots of sugar (baked goods).  Have come down from this caffeine-adrenaline high for days — so decided to add a little sugar to the equation.  The grease from the fish only added the abdominal discomfort to equation.

So, here I am today – after a day of shopping for my grandson, Liam’s 2nd birthday and running other errands.  Showed Jenny and her family the model of the house.  Then attended Liam’s birthday party which was at our favorite pizza place (Pudgy’s – if you are ever in Omaha — great place!) — where I again ingested too much food, too much caffeine and too much sugar.  However — I think that exhaustion is going to win this battle tonight.  There comes a point where your body finally says — “I don’t care what you put into me – my circuits are overloaded and I’m shutting down.”

So, after I post this, I’m going to sit in front of the TV – watch my hubby (who succumbed to his exhaustion about an hour ago and is sound asleep in his chair, with his mouth hanging open like a big-mouth bass and the remote control in his hand) – and fall into a doze.  It’s too early for an adult to go to bed so instead I’ll sleep in the chair and drool on my shoulder for a while.  I’ll snore myself awake and then trundle off to bed – and wait for the next bus or airplane or cruise ship to run me over!


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  1. You are dead right your life is crazy! I have been wondering just what are you going to do with all the ‘junk'(sorry Pat) that Pat has collected over the years. That should fill a few posts disposing of that.
    Also more important… have you taken junk storage space into account in your new house. You cannot make a man break the habits of a lifetime, so what you get rid of now will only be replaced in the future. May be a big barn. or perhaps you should take all the current ‘junk’ with you as a package lot.
    Don’t worry , enjoy your time of buying a new house, it might never happen again….
    Have a happy Sunday
    Love P

  2. You certainly have had quite the exciting week. It IS time to slow down, get some sleep, adjust your diet (you’ll feel better eating better quality food), and just finding a way to feel calm.

    Nice to have some excitement, but as we get older, I at least find I don’t do extended periods of excitement all that well. Used to live on it when younger, though. Ah, the joys of getting older.

    Now that the house is a “done deal” and you’ve signed the papers and picked out your selections, I hope that everything else goes smoothly.

    Congrats on your little grandson’s 2nd birthday. That’s a milestone when you’re so young. My birthdays these days are depressing, but they were so much fun when I was a child!

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