Things I won’t write about


Because it's all about me!

I am definitely an oversharer and a burbler, but there are some things I will not write about — even if they trip my trigger, make me shake with anger or even make me want to give up writing all together.

I will never write about the mean things people say – about me, my family, my religion, my habits or any other myriad of things in my life.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion – but I am under no obligation to spread their hatred or even incorporate it into my life.  If I give it a voice in my writing I have let it take a part of me to which it has no right.  By spending any time thinking about these types of things takes up valuable time and effort which I can better spend on writing about the things I love – my family, my religion, my habits – and yes, sometimes even me.

I will never write about politics.  Although I have my opinions, I don’t think anyone is overly interested in them and should not be subjected to them.  People who expound on their political views are not interested in exchanging ideas and they have no delusions about trying to change people’s ideas — they usually are only interested in hearing themselves talk and get others to agree with them.   I would much rather write about the things which are important in my life such as my family, my religion, my habits and yes again – me.

I will never write about religion.  I know that it seems like I already have — but it is only as it relates to the other things in my life.  There are certain parts of my faith that I find highly amusing mainly because they have influenced the way I see life and the way I have raised my children.  Religion is personal and should remain so.  I will defend my faith, but I will not push it upon others.  I prefer to write about how my religion has played an interesting part in my family, my habits — and there it is again – me.

I will never write about things which would cause my family pain.  We all have those things in our lives which may have caused pain for our families and those we love.  Although most of the skeletons in my family are not in the closet, but are out dancing on the front lawn — I will not write about them.  I would rather write about the things which bring to mind happy memories of past experiences with our families and our friends – and about those things that have brought enlightenment to my family and to me.

So – the common thread through all of this?  Well — basically it’s that it is all about me.  I admit it — I am the queen of this universe that I have invented in my blog and I will only write about those things which will not offend or hurt others.  Will I always be successful? Definitely not!  I have found that the things I find to be completely innocent can be perceived in a different light by others based on their own experiences and beliefs – as evidenced by some of the comments I received on my post about Junk Mail and also a very old one about Global Warming.  I see these responses as good things — they broaden my view of the world and remind me that all of us can make an impact on someone’s life — if only to tick us off occasionally!

Remember this — I write from the heart.  It isn’t always good and sometimes it’s really bad – but it is never meant to preach, hurt or cause pain.  It is meant to share my thoughts, experiences and dreams with others in a venue meant to make people think about their own lives, their own thoughts, their own experiences, their own dreams – and say “Wow!  I’m glad my family isn’t as crazy as hers!”


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  1. Katie, my friend, I have never found anything offensive in any of your posts, in fact I find them filled with humour and life as it is.
    If others should be critical , well I suppose that is their right (free speech and all that jazz) but as far as I can see, you are doing a grand jo and you should e proud of your achievements.
    Yes you did get a lot of comments on your junk mail post, this shows that people were interested and made their own comments. Personally I found it hilarious that someone would welcome ‘junk mail’. You are a funny crazy lady ut we love you for it and you ALWAYS give enjoyment

    Be positive my friend..

  2. I’ll echo the “Ditto!” of the previous comment–great post! I feel the same way…I write about life, but my plan is to do it in such a way that it’ll make people think about their own views on each of the topics, not make them write me off as someone that they couldn’t possibly relate to. I save my opinions, and trust me I have a LOT of strong ones about politics, religion, etc., for my private Facebook page where I interact only with people I know well. This is a different forum and I keep it more professional, as if I was writing a newspaper column to appeal to a broad audience.

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