I’m Addicted to Angry Birds

An example of three rings in a Sonic the Hedge...

Those elusive rings

My thumbs hurt and my wrist is getting numb – but I continue to try to kill all of those rotten little pigs who have stolen the cute little birdies’ eggs!  What the heck is wrong with me?  I’m blaming this all on my son, Bob who introduced me to this crazy game which I can play on my phone – Angry Birds.  What a silly game – but I have found myself so absorbed in trying to find a way to knock everything down, that I have actually killed the battery in my phone – which means I have defeated the whole point of having a phone – which is to RECEIVE and MAKE  phone calls!  I’ve even found myself thinking that I could get a quick couple of birds out of the chute while I’m sitting at a traffic light – I have obviously gone cuckoo!

This isn’t the first time I’ve become obsessed with an electronic game – not even the most recent one.  Again, my son, Bob introduced me to Words With Friends – a Scrabble application for my phone.  This wonderful game has allowed me to beat the snot out of my son on numerous occasions.  I actually check my phone at least 10 times a day to see if he has played his word – even when I know he is at work – and by the way – I’m at work also!

I used to play electronic games with my children when they first came out.  I used the excuse that the kids wanted to play Sonic the Hedgehog – which by the way is an AWESOME game!  Then, we played games on the computer – mostly educational ones, but still lots of fun!  I no longer need to use the children as an excuse to enjoy Pogo games such as Monopoly, Solitaire, Hearts, Bridge and Cribbage – I’ve embraced my addiction.

When I first met Pat (my hubby), we used to go to game halls where we would play pinball for hours – one of our favorites was Gorgar Eats!  Then the electronic games such as Galaga and Tanks appeared – and don’t forget PacMan.  Heck, I’m so old, I remember when Pong was the best game in a bar – lots of quarters spent on that one!

I just love the bells and whistles of these types of games – winning the game and getting more points than anyone else before me.  I thinking about how I’m going to make this play work –  how many pigs I can take out at one time, can I use the “J” (worth 10 points) in a Triple Word square, how many rings can Sonic get or how much money and property can I get in Monopoly. 

Of course, the ultimate electronic game for me would be the slot machines – which not only have the bells and whistles – but they pay out MONEY when you win!  Talk about a perfect electronic game – except for the part where you lose a lot more money than you actually get out.  Oh well, I guess I’ll stick to the Angry Birds – at least I can’t lose the house payment killing pigs!


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  1. True story: While watching tennis one afternoon, my husband asked our 6ry old, “What sport are we watching?” His response was priceless: “Pong.”
    Yes, we play Pong in our house. Pong, Galaxian, Rally X, Dig Dug, Bosconian and a couple others. Completely old school and completely fun!

  2. I originally signed up for Facebook in order to play Farmville! This was after I got laid off from my job. Added Yoville, some fish game, and Cafe World. I got very addicted to playing them. Stopped gradually after months of being immersed. I didn’t realize how much time I was putting in and when I did, I cut back one game at a time. Last year stopped playing Farmville altogether (the first and last game for me) and really don’t miss any of those games any more, but while I was playing them simply couldn’t live without them.

    I never played games before and didn’t realize how addictive they could be. Doubt I’ll start again, but who knows? I can commiserate, for sure!

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