My Wish for My Children


Sharing the JOY (Becky & the Pig in Seattle, WA)

I have lots of wishes for my children — happiness, health, stability, respect and love.   My wishes include comfortable lives, children of their own (so they can experience the same craziness as I have had over the years), a job they love (not just tolerate because it pays the bills), and a home which is warm and inviting.  All of these are wonderful wishes — but there is one wish I want most of all for them – my ultimate wish is that there be JOY in their lives.

The JOY of a sunrise – with all of its beauty and promise. 

The JOY of a rainbow – with all of its wonder and surprise.

The JOY of a walk along a lake – with all of its discoveries and possibilities.

The JOY of a smile from a loved one — with all of its warmth and tenderness.

The JOY of new places – with all of its new experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

The JOY of a hand to hold – with all of its security and comfort.

The JOY of laughter – with all of its happiness in life’s crazy moments.

The JOY of a sunset — with all of its beauty and promise.

I can think of nothing better to wish for my children.  JOY will bring them all of the other things in their lives and enable them to appreciate what they have.  JOY will let them share their bounty with others, which will only bring them more JOY.  JOY will allow them to act silly and have a good time — even to sit on a brass pig and remember to send the picture to their mother – so she can share in their JOY.


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