Our New Home – The Stakes


The Stakes

We were hoping to have A Hole this week — but we will settle for The Stakes.  They appear meaningless to most people — but based on the first stake which talks about the driveway, I can just start to envision where the house is going to sit.  I have a good idea where the outside walls are going to be located and the size of the backyard.

Pat is not content simply roaming around our own home (you have to use your imagination to see him walking through the front door into the kitchen) – he has been watching them build our neighbor’s home.  Their home will be a little different but gives us a general idea of how things are going to be done.  I have a feeling that Pat is going to be on first name terms with the house next door long before he ever actually talks to our new neighbors! 

Pat has been walking off the paces between the houses and from the front of the lot to the back.  We are allowed to walk through the site whenever we would like — but I think only when there aren’t workmen around – which is a good thing!  I don’t want Pat slowing down the building of my house by stopping everyone and asking them questions all of the time.  Besides, we technically don’t own the house until the closing — so I don’t want to get banned from the site because Pat is being a pest.

I’m really glad we decided to buy the house now because there appear to be only about 6 lots left!  Amazing!  We’ve driven out to the place numerous times and are surprised by how close it still is to Pat’s mom and our daughter’s family.  We will also probably change our grocery store because there is one a lot closer — and our favorite pizza place – Pudgy’s is right up the street.

Pat also discovered that he is within walking distance of his favorite trail around a local lake.  To him that was definitely a sign that we were doing the right thing!  He has missed his five-mile walk every night and fighting with the raccoons, skunks and other wildlife!  I’ve missed having him out of my hair for about an hour every night so I can watch my favorite TV shows without him making fun of me!

The Stakes are in – the outline of our new home is set and we’re on our way!


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  1. Oooh this is getting so exciting! I can’t wait until the day you move in.. Pat is a darling isn’t he?
    I am looking forward to the updates..oooh is that wishing life away?

    love P

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