Our Shining Star


Our Shining Star

We spent the afternoon at my granddaughter’s dance recital.  Lizzie is almost four years old, but she is no stranger to dance recitals – she was in one last year.  For those of you unfamiliar with the dance world — this means that Lizzie has been in dance lessons for two years – which is two years longer than I have ever been in dance lessons.

Lizzie changed dance instructors after last year’s recital because the type of dance being taught indicated that Lizzie would probably become a stripper or a pole dancer — which although these might be very lucrative careers — we really weren’t thrilled with the idea.  It was apparent that other parents (particularly fathers) in the group were not quite as averse to this option for their daughters — I say apparent because of the whistles and “Yea baby” catcalls coming from the audience in response to 5 year olds doing a lot of bottom shaking and chest thrusting.  Definitely not what I had anticipated for my granddaughter’s first dance recital.

This year, Lizzie was in a more traditional type of dance class — one which teaches ballet, tap and jazz dancing.  It was quite enjoyable (although maybe a little long at 2 1/2 hours) and the girls weren’t dressed like they were attending a stripper convention in Vegas.  Lizzie is in the youngest ballet class and they danced to “The Candy Man” – and as always with little girls that age — they were adorable.  Lizzie spent most of her time dancing to a different tune — one only she could hear.  She definitely thinks she is the only one being watched on the stage – and she has no fear.  I didn’t see a lot of ballet steps from the group (particularly Lizzie) – but I also didn’t see any pole dancing moves either. 

So – is Lizzie getting better after two years in dance?  Well — let’s put it this way — last year she body-checked the little girl who was standing in her spot (definitely knows how to use her hips to get people out of her way) and in the finale, she sat on the edge of the stage with her finger up her nose.  This year — no one was injured.  Maybe next year, she won’t put her finger up her nose in the finale!


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  1. When I was young, I was taking part in a singing recital. According to my Mom, I did not want to take part in any of it and I held my ground. Come the night of the performance, it was time for my debut. I walked up to the stage and said simply, “I don’t want to.”
    My mom nixed future singing recitals. 🙂 Go Lizzie!!

  2. Katie, I loved that! How lucky you are to be near enough to your grandchildren to be able to go to watch these sort of things. Mine do not even bother to tell me that these events are happening as they know that I cannot attend. The other Nanna goes instead, which hurts me as I want to go!

    Pole dancing, you sound as though you have tried it!!! Ha! ha!(joking)

    love P

  3. How cute that picture is! Love the costume, adorable, and the flowers — she looks like a true diva! Reminds me of the dance recital I was in. But I was not of the “cute” age — in 5th or 6th grade, I think. Well, maybe I was in one when I was younger, but may be mixing up memories.

    The one I remember was held in a huge auditorium and went on for hours — it seems each class had to have a number and so it was quite long for the poor parents and family in the audience. I remember my costume as well — jade green satin with yellow fringe trim, two piece (top and bottom)! Somehow I also remember it was a “Dr. Doolittle” theme, but can’t for the life of me remember how our costumes related to that theme. Oh well.

    I also performed in one piano recital (7th/8th grade) and forgot the piece I was playing, had to start over. Because I tended to learn by touch even though the music was in front of me I couldn’t really read it, so when I lost my place I had to start again from the beginning! I didn’t love piano lessons and begged my mother to stop after 2 years.

    I’m so glad your granddaughter got moved to a better dance class. First off, dance is excellent training for later in life, setting up a good basis for continuing fitness — and she’ll probably be graceful her whole life if she continues in dance, never a bad thing! All the people I know who did dance for years as youngsters just seem more fit as they get older. Wish I’d done it for more than 2 years when I was young. I had ballet when I was 7 or 8, then the later one (5th grade — the recital) and really would have liked to continue throughout all those years, but for whatever reason my mother nixed the lessons and how I wish she hadn’t! Hopefully your granddaughter will continue to enjoy the lessons and benefit from them for years to come.

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