My Favorite Spring Tree


My 'Tulip' Tree

When I first came to Omaha I discovered a tree that had wonderful pink ‘tulips’ growing on its branches in the spring!  Coming from the mountains of Colorado where we were lucky to get Columbine flowers to bloom, I instantly fell in love this beautiful tree.  It blooms briefly in the spring right around Easter time and so I have come to associate it with my favorite holiday of the year. 

I know that most people like Christmas the best — but I have always liked Easter.  I think part of the reason is because there is less stress surrounding Easter — don’t have all of those presents to buy for everyone.  Whatever the reason — Easter has always seemed much happier to me — colorful, getting warmer and lots of chocolate — who can ever turn down chocolate bunnies!  I once heard a comedian say that her children didn’t know that bunnies came with ears until she went on a diet one Easter — my children still don’t know that the bunnies have ears — I’m not stupid enough to go on a diet just before Easter!

Anyway — back to ‘my’ tree.  The first time I saw this tree was when I was attending Creighton University.  I could see it out the window of my work-study office and I was intrigued by the beautiful pink flowers that reached for the sky as they opened.  This tree fills me with happiness every time I see it.  What a strange place to grow such beautiful flowers — on the end of an ugly brown stick! 

So every year, in addition to waiting for those lovely chocolate Easter bunnies to line up so I can bite off their ears — I also look forward to seeing my favorite spring tree.  When I witness the pink tulips erupting, I know that Easter is almost here and that Spring has definitely arrived – and I smile.


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  1. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do. Feel free to stop by Easy Lifestyles sometime. We would love to see you there

  2. I love tulip trees. They are so fancy! They grow here (in NJ) quite well and there is one down the block from me, in a fence backyard that hangs a bit over onto the sidewalk, and one of the best things in spring it to walk by it, watch as it buds, anticipate the blossoms, then enjoy the full display! I anticipate it every year. It’s best to avoid treading on the petals when they fall, though, especially if they get wet — they can be very slippery. If I ever buy a house in NJ I shall have to have tulip trees (which, if I recall correctly, are part of the magnolia family).

  3. It’s a magnolia Katie, we had a beautiful one in our garden in England , with big beautiful flowers that lasted for ages.
    We bought one here in Bulgaria 4 years ago and were told by Jorgi , our neighbour that it would not survive the harsh winters…so far it has.. but we do have to wrap it up very well to protect it from frost and snow. It is now 3 years old and not yet shown a single flower.
    Maybe this year?

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