So many words to keep track of!.

Great Words!

I just love – they have the ‘Word of the Day’ – and the other day, the word was balderdash (means stupid or illogical talk; senseless rubbish).  This is one of those words that just plain fun to say – like piffle, fiddle-faddle, blather, hooey – oh, I could go on and on with these wonderful words!

We don’t hear these words in our world very much any longer.  They have been replaced by unintelligible slang or in most cases obscenities.  We are so much worse as a civilization for letting these words be replaced by words that can’t be written in a G-rated post except by substituting symbols such as #$%^& (no swear word intended).  Just the fact that we have a rating system developed specifically to warn people of not only nudity and violence – but also foul words speaks volumes about how we treat each other!  PG-13 means that there are usually some minor obscenities (which usually have to do with bodily functions and a person’s heritage) and we go all the way to X-rated items which can’t even be described here.

I think if people started using words like balderdash, poppycock, hooey, gobbledygook (oh – I LOVE that one!) and piffle – we would find that people are lot less likely to throw a punch or pull a weapon during an argument.  Here is how an argument might go –

“You are so full of hooey!”

“Well, your mama is full of gobbledygook!”

“Oh yeah – well your mama is full of hogwash!”



By this time, they are both on the ground laughing hysterically!  How can you not laugh when you say these types of words out loud! 

I challenge you to use one of these words this week whenever you want to use a swear word or an obscenity.  Just saying them makes you smile, which lightens your load and makes it seem like it was all a bunch fiddle-faddle to begin with!


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  1. Though it’s not in the dictionary, hen I was little, bumper-doo was a family favorite, when one was being a b-u-t-t. 🙂 I hear my boys use it now, and it cracks me up.

  2. What happens if like me you do not swear or use profanity No I am not the Miss Perfect but I do find that using ‘bad’ words is not only a waste of time but also lowers the standards by which I have been taught and which I have always maintained.
    I love words like balderdash, piffle baloney, which to me mean rubbish..and yes it is a shame that these words are not used so often. To hear a woman using bad language just lowers any respect but maybe that is being sexist!

    Love P

  3. Forgot to say..that if like some of the blogs on here..where the language is a bit long as you know that that is what you are going to read…then that is fine.
    If someone does not like that type of language then the best thing to do is not to read such blogs.
    I may not like them but I do support anyone’s right to say them

  4. Totally agree with this! People’s vocabularies seem to be declining rapidly, so sad, the only word that a neighbouring child could enunciate clearly at the age of FIVE began with F, tragic.

    As to Miss Whiplash’s comment, tt does seem worse when a woman uses such coarse language but maybe rather than that being a sexist attitude to standards it just represents yet another slip in standards, not so long ago a woman would have been frowned upon for such language even when men could have got away with it.

    In the era of communication doesn’t it seem ironic that most people struggle to express themselves and their thoughts clearly and fluently?


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