How Do They DO that??

Cover of "Dralion"

Cover of Dralion

We just returned from seeing Dralion which is a Cirque Du Soleil production — and if you have never been to one of these and they every come anywhere near you — you have to go!  I’ve been really lucky because I have seen Cirque Du Soleil three times — three different shows and I am AMAZED every time!  Tickets are sometimes pricey — but I was lucky enough to win the tickets for tonight’s show — so I took my hubby, Pat along since he had never been to one of these shows.  He laughed, he cried, he ooooed and he awwwwwed – just like I did – and pretty much everyone else in the crowd.

The show starts with what every circus starts with — clowns!  These aren’t the scary kind of clowns with lots of white face paint and goofy faces.  They do look goofy but it’s more about the actions than anything else.  I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face — just the antics keep you going because you can’t understand a word they are saying.  I don’t know if they are speaking a real language – sometimes it sounds like French, sometimes it sounds Russian and sometimes it is just gibberish — but the words are the point.  It is the inflection in the voices and the actions which are funny.  It really proves that laughter transcends all language barriers – even if it isn’t a real language!

The show goes on to have all kinds of acrobats.  My favorite are the people on the trampolines.  They bounce on the trampoline and use it to climb buildings and jump to different platforms.  There were beautiful girls who could bend their bodies into positions I didn’t know existed – all while balancing on one hand!  There were acrobats who did all kinds of tricks while jumping rope — heck, I can hardly lift my feet high enough to do a regular jump!  These individuals were doing flips and somersaults and standing on top of each other while jumping rope – it was truly amazing.

Probably the most beautiful parts of the evening are the aerial acts.  One was a woman on a large ring high above the stage.  She twirled like a ballerina in a jewelry box – but without anything supporting her underneath.  At one point she hung from the ring by balancing on the back of her neck!  The other aerial dance was with the large ribbons — a young man and woman danced through the air using these ribbons to fly as if they were beautiful birds.  It was riveting, romantic and totally enthralling.

Cirque du Soleil is what a circus should be — full of wonder, beauty, laughter and excitement.  It fills you with an appreciation that human beings are truly marvelous and awe-inspiring.


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  1. We (hub and I) saw Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas when we got married. My dad, his wife, my brother and his wife came along. Afterwards my sister-in-law, whom I’ve never heard express any type of positive opinion about anything, and who I thought might not enjoy the show (she and my brother are more into camping than culture) said it was the best thing she’s ever seen. Wow! It was simply magical. I hope to go to another Cirque production sometime soon. Very well worth the $$ even if you don’t win tickets! These are magical productions and hard to describe. Best seen in person, right?

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