The Last Fish Fry

Lenten Fish Fry

Image by Scrunchleface via Flickr

Tonight was the last fish fry of Lent 2011.  It was a memorable night – we ate, we laughed, we ate some more, we laughed even more – and then …. we WON!

As I explained in an earlier post, at our parish fish fry, we not only have food but we have raffles! And for those of you who may have forgotten what is at stake (pun intended) – we give away MEAT!  Yes – on Fridays during Lent when we are not allowed to eat meat  – we GIVE IT AWAY!  Amazing, isn’t it — and also a little crazy!   Then there was a raffle every week for a poster signed by a Nebraska Cornhusker (which is a college football player).  And to add the excitement there was a raffle for your choice of $100 or a payphone which had been refurbished into various designs and could be used in your home!  Oh Rapture!

We’ve done pretty well this year — our table won hamburgers, country-style ribs, pork chops, the signed poster and the $100 (we didn’t want that silly phone!).  I figure that based on the money over the last few weeks on raffle tickets, food and desserts – the meat probably works out to about $20 per pound, the poster should be worth about $100 and we spent about $150 to win the $100!  It really doesn’t matter what it cost — the money goes to a food bank and we were able to walk away feeling like winners — definitely worth a few bucks.

I will miss Fish Fry Fridays until they roll around next year.  I will miss seeing all my children on a Friday night – when they could be out with their friends.  I will miss watching my mother-in-law laugh until there are tears rolling down her cheeks because of the stupid things we talk about.  I will miss swapping jokes and old stories with our friends and their family.  I will miss trying to embarrass the children (who aren’t really children since the youngest is 22 years old!) by telling them stories of our courtship.

You will notice that I said nothing about missing the food — I really don’t like fish and the other food is okay, but we aren’t there to eat — we are there to laugh, joke, laugh some more and ….. WIN!!!


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  1. Hello Katie,
    Shame that it’s the last one for a while..what will you blog about on a Saturday now that the fish fry has finished for awhile?

    It sound great fun and something to look forward too next time..

    have a great day.

    love P

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