Our New Home – We have A Hole!


Our New Home - The Hole

Who knew that a simple thing like a hole in the ground could bring a smile to my face!  I guess it’s because all of the other holes I’ve had to deal with have involved small boys trying to blow up my house or each other – or a dog that likes to dig up dead fish or my garden – so a hole in the ground that is actually a new beginning of something wonderful is a new thing in my life!

The Hole should have been dug last week, but since it is April – those darn showers felt the need to show up all week.  They definitely made the grass green and the flowers bloom – but mud is a difficult thing to shovel – so our Hole had to wait to be born until today.

It really is exciting because we watched another house go up in the neighborhood and were intrigued by how fast things started to go once the Hole appeared.  Next will be the pouring of the foundation and then the walls – and it won’t be long until we are in our new home!

Pat strolled around the Hole and determined that everything was as it should be (apparently he used to be apprenticed to a mole – so he is an expert!).  The Hole has been given the Pat Seal of Approval – so the builders may proceed.  He has determined that the basement (which is basically the Hole at this point) will be big enough to hold all of his Stuff — so life is good. 

It will be exciting to see the progress which will be made over the next few weeks – and before we know it, July will be here – and the moving can begin.  Who knew that so much excitement could come from a Hole?


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  1. Oh Katie, you made me laugh so much that I cried! Pat being an apprentice to a mole! That is really funny. I love your husband he is a real character even though he probably does not know it.

    have a great day

    love P

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